Blog Tour Book Review & Giveaway: Smorgasbord by Jagjiwan Sohal

Smorgasbord PicTitle: Smorgasbord written by Jagjiwan Sohal
Genre: Middle Grade/Young Adult Comedy Horror
Publisher: Mythos Press (Imprint of GMTA Publishing)
Page count: 179
Format: Ebook (read on Kindle app for Microsoft Surface)
Released: March 2014
Rating – 5/5

When Anna Lopez’s zombie attack video goes viral, no one could believe that the high school cheerleader had taken a bite out of the undead monster – and liked it! Now nothing will ever be the same for supernatural beings…because humans have discovered they taste freakin’ DELICIOUS!


And when a zombie boy gets in the crosshairs of a gang of hungry-human hunters, Julie, a young vampire loner, jumps in for the rescue. But now Julie’s got more than she bargained because taking care of a rambunctious undead creature who only knows one word (“brains”) is NOT easy. And when Julie and her zombie pal stumble upon on a crazed soccer mom, they find themselves on the run from a trigger-happy family who want nothing more than to grill them up for a neighborhood barbecue bash!

I knew I had to read this book when I caught a glimpse of the cover. It just looks like it would be a fun book to read (who doesn’t love a good zombie story?) and I’ve been trying to hunt down books that my ten year old niece may enjoy as well.

Smorgasbord is a totally unique spin on what could happen if the Zombie Apocalypse were to occur that features a zombie apocalypse gone wrong. Instead of the traditional uber scary, uber panic driven zombie attack on mankind, this story presents us with a zombie apocalypse in which, through an accidental bite, humans discover that zombies (along with other paranormal creatures) are fingerlickin’ good. It is the zombie apocalypse gone awry where humans are now doing the hunting while zombies and other paranormal creatures are doing the running.

The story is original and fresh in a market that seems at times a bit oversaturated with zombie novels, but Smorgasbord is not your “run of the mill” zombie story, it is a fresh of breath air. I couldn’t put this book down it was so fun to read. Lately I’ve been reading some pretty serious books so it was great to take a break from that and just go on a fun ride that suprisingly had me rooting for the paranormal creatures instead of the humans.

It had sort of a Shaun of the Dead type of humor vibe for me, except our protagonists are from the other team, which was great and it’s a story that is suitable for older kids and teens as well. I enjoyed it as an adult and it actually made me seriously think about how mankind might react to zombies and paranormal creatures if we somehow gained the upper hand…would we find a way to exploit them?

I hope to read more from this author in the future as I really enjoyed his style of writing, the dialogue he created, and the characters he created.

If you like zombie themed books or are looking for a  light, fun read where you might find yourself siding with the zombies and not the humans…Smorgasbord may be just the book for you! I have twenty copies to give away for free so leave a comment and let me know you are interested!

I’d like to thank GMTA Publishing and the author for allowing me to read and review this book!!

Also check out this rad playlist for the book! I love it!

photo 1About the Author

Born and raised near Toronto, Canada, Jagjiwan Sohal works in the Canadian film and TV industry as an up-and-coming screenwriter and producer. His short stories have been published by The Horror Zine, Scribal Tales and Hello Horror. Smorgasbord is his first novel.




















Book Review: Nameless by Mercedes M. Yardley

namelessTitle: Nameless: The Darkness Comes (The Bone Angel Trilogy) written by Mercedes M. Yardley
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Publisher: Ragnarok Publications
Page count: 227
Format: Epub (read on Microsoft Surface using Nook App) Rating – 4/5


Luna Masterson sees demons. She has been dealing with the demonic all her life, so when her brother gets tangled up with a demon named Sparkles, ‘Luna the Lunatic’ rolls in on her motorcycle to save the day.

Armed with the ability to harm demons, her scathing sarcasm, and a hefty chip on her shoulder, Luna gathers the most unusual of allies, teaming up with a green-eyed heroin addict and a snarky demon ‘of some import.’

After all, outcasts of a feather should stick together…even until the end. (Goodreads)

I received Nameless from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Nameless was definitely a different spin on a young adult fantasy than I have ever read so it was a great change of pace for me. It was very dark, a little gritty and sometimes downright spooky. Like most books there were small things about the main character and the story I could pick out that I didn’t like (like Luna falling in love with Reed so fast although I guess when you know you just really do know maybe?). For some reason that really bothered me. Otherwise I thought this book was great…it was a really interesting and fast paced read. I especially enjoyed the action scenes where Luna has to battle some of the demons she sees, let’s just say I really wouldn’t want to be her.

I really love Luna as a character. I feel like she’s a pretty strong female character (except for when it comes to Reed) and I love that she seems like more of a tragic hero. She’s definitely very flawed but has this amazing compassion and loyalty to her family, seems to draw strength from inside herself and just doesn’t give up no matter how hard the going gets…and for her it seems to be plenty hard. She also has this pretty awesome ability to see and interact with demons…which is kind of freaky but equally cool. It’s always interesting to think that there may be some sort of different plane of existence where beings of some kind are walking amongst us and other similar theories. I think this book did such a great job of making a world like that seem possible.

I would love to read more from this series and I am hoping that we get to learn more about Luna and her family background…maybe see if there is any particular reason that this ability seems to be genetic. I loved the ending to this book, although I was hoping that the book had a different ending for Reed…it really makes me think that there could be some sort of tragic romance brewing between Mouth and Luna. I’m very interested in continuing to read this trilogy…if you are a fan of paranormal fantasy I would definitely recommend this book!!

Lastly, how cool is the book cover? It’s definitely fitting and what I would imagine Luna looking like!

Blog Tour Book Review: Vampire World by Rich Douglas

VWTOURBANNERVW_Promo2Title: Vampire World written by Rich Douglas
Genre: Young Adult Horror
Publisher: 284
Page count: Darkfeed Press (an imprint of GMTA Publishing)
Format: Epub (read on Nook App for Microsoft Surface)
Rating: 4/5

A popular teen is bitten by a vampire during a steamy night of making out with her boyfriend. After the bite, she wakes up in a cruel orphanage in Vampire World, with no memory of her past. She’s left with very little; only fangs, pale skin and a keen desire for blood.

Marissa, who’s named Janice in Vampire World, escapes the ghastly orphanage thanks to Mr. John FreeCut, an old, benevolent vampire who adopts Janice because he wants to foster children he could never have. He says her parents died in a crash. Beautiful, innocent and thrust into an enigmatic world she has no memory of, Janice must face many challenges. The grueling blood hostess job. The multiple stalkers and creepers who are hungry for her and her blood. The dizzying fireball competition. And most challenging, the fact that she doesn’t look or act like a vampire.

Janice is emotionally overwhelmed. Thankfully she makes some friends, including Brett BloodCut. Brett and Janice are immersed in a passionate romance, and Brett helps Janice adjust to her new world by giving her the love, confidence and knowledge she needs to survive as a vampire. Janice finds a way to succeed in such a problematic world. Things go well for Janice, though not for long. A stranger knows the truth about her past.

Slowly but surely Janice discovers the truth that she is being lied to by the ones she loves. She must learn the secret behind TriFang, and ultimately accept the stinging reality that things are not always what they seem. Could the truth ever be so bloody? (Goodreads)

Good morning and welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Vampire World. I want to throw out a big thanks to Rich Douglas and GMTA for allowing me to participate!

Vampire World was so fun to read. It was actually just what I needed at the time I read it…the last book I read (which was awesome) was a fictionalized memoir of events during WWII that made me cry, so I definitely needed a far less heartbreaking story. This book satisfied that need SO well. I had sworn off Teen Vampire Fiction for the past year since there seemed to be so much of it flooding the market at one point and I remember picking up the first book in the Vampire Diaries series and hating it but then I opened up Vampire World and got totally sucked into the world and the story.

I had a hard time at first with the main character because she seemed very into herself at the beginning and I think I rolled my eyes everytime she talked about people staring at her because she was pretty but towards the middle of the story she becomes somewhat of a badass and I was immensely proud of her and impressed. The whole story was rather interesting in how it developed where she goes from this seemingly orphaned young vampire to a somewhat popular, new daughter, super awesome fireball/weapons trained mature vampire. The whole plot twist was pretty cool as well and I would actually like to see more from this story. I found the dynamics of the Vampire World to be super interesting and intense, the vampire names and the clubs are really cheesy but just add to the overall effect of the book I thought.

I don’t know if it was just me or everyone who has read this  but I got SUPER into the whole fireball thing. Janice learning how to play Fireball, going through pretty intense Fireball training and then competing in the tournament was such an awesome part of the story for me, I also loved anytime that she was weapons training and/or fighting someone. The action scenes were pretty intense and her relationship with Brett was definitely swoon worthy at some points. All in all, I really enjoyed this book and it’s a super fast read because it’s pretty intense and fun. I actually got so sucked into it that I was reading the book and apparently my husband was standing behind me for ten seconds and then he said something really loud and I got so scared! Anyway, give this book a try…I really liked it and I hope that you do, four stars to this entertaining read! I have 20 books to give away (free books people!!) so please comment and I will be happy to send you an ebook of your chosen format! Happy reading everyone!

About the Author

I am from New Orleans, Lousiana and I write young adult novels, fantasy and science fiction.

My new novel, Vampire World, is now available. If you enjoy reading paranormal YA fiction, please check this out now.

The Magical Tale of Eliza Felding, Book 1 of a trilogy, takes place in New Orleans one year after Hurricane Katrina. It involves teens, romance and tons of magic.

The Secret of the Dogs is a children’s book about four very different dogs (a Basenji, a Greyhound, a Pomeranian and an Airdale Terrier) who go on a quest to rescue a young boy that is being abused by his father.

I love writing, teaching, storm chasing, traveling and drinking orange soda.


Blog Tour Book Review: Uncovering Cobbogoth (Cobbogoth #1) by Hannah L. Clark

Uncovering-Cobbogoth-tour bannerUncovering Cobbogoth 2x3 WEB

Title: Uncovering Cobbogoth (Cobbogoth #1) written by Hannah L. Clark
Genre: YA Fantasy/Mystery
Publisher: Cedar Fort Publishing and Media
Page count: 320 pages
Format: Review Copy PDF
Rating: 5/5 – Loved it!
Release Date: 05/13/14


Norah Lukens needs to uncover the truth about the fabled lost city of Cobbogoth. After her archaeologist uncle’s murder, Norah is asked to translate his old research journal for evidence and discovers that his murder was a cover-up for something far more sinister.

When she turns to neighbor and only friend James Riley for help, she realizes that not only is their bitter-sweet past haunting her every step, but James is keeping dangerous secrets. Can Norah discover what they are before its too late to share her own. (Goodreads)


Hello!! Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Uncovering Cobbogoth (Cobbogoth #1)! I want to take a moment to thank the author Hannah L. Clark and also YA Bound Book Tours for allowing me to read and review this wonderful book in exchange for an honest review!

I will admit that one of the first things that attracted me to this book besides the summary was the gorgeous cover. I love the different shades of purple and the spirals that decorate the cover (which if you read the book you will find out how they figure into the story!). It’s definitely a unique and memorable cover that jumps out at you. I fell in love with it.

Aside from that, the summary is fantastic as well and once I skimmed it I knew I just had to read this book. There is something about fables, murder and romance which when mixed all together, really do it for me! All of these things (and much more) definitely worked beautifully in this story. I loved, loved, loved this book. I have always had an intense fascination with any sort of early literatures specifically from Ireland, Scotland, etc. and this story revolves around Icelandic fables that are unearthed by our protagonist’s uncle which in themselves were interesting to read about in the book.  It was a hundred times more interesting to see how the author built this fantastic story using the uncle’s favorite fables as a vehicle.

Right off the bat I was interested in the tense romantic feelings between James and Nor, both characters that I extremely like. I love Nor…I love that she’s a different sort of YA heroine (this was super refreshing!)…she’s amazingly smart and talented, strong and still manages to be just a normal seventeen year old (soon eighteen year old) girl worried about looking dumb in front of the guy she likes.

There are so many things I like about this book, I think the story is just really well written and interesting and original all around. It definitely kept me interested from the first page and kept me guessing, there are a few twists to the plot that I did not see coming at all which is great…I really can’t wait to read the next book. I literally read this book in a day because I couldn’t put it down. 5 out of 5 rating for this great book!  Fans of YA Fantasy or YA Mystery novels will not want to miss this book! It’s fast, entertaining, with a dash of romance and mystery. Be looking out for this book as it released on 5/13!!

You can purchase it at one of these links below!!

hannah clarkAbout the Author

Hannah L. Clark is the author of the YA fantasy-adventure “Uncovering Cobbogoth.” It is the first book in a planned 7 book series. It will be released by Cedar Fort Publishing on May 13, 2014.

Hannah lives in Pleasant Grove, UT with her husband and son.

Author Links:


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Blog Tour Book Review & Giveaway: Arcanum by M.C. Moulton

arcanum_blogtourfArcanum Cover

Title: Arcanum written by M.C. Moulton
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Mythos Press (an imprint of GMTA Publishing)
Page count: 216
Format: Epub (read on Microsoft Surface using Nook App)
Rating – 4/5

Between fighting a race of magic-wielding winged monsters, scaling Krakens, blinding Cyclops, running from Sirens, and being abducted by pirates it’s all Arc Arcanum can do to keep his head on straight; literally. After losing the only home he’s ever known, and with nowhere else to turn, Arc enlists with the Human Liberation Front to help fight against a ruthless species known as the Winged Ones and stop them from unleashing a world-wide human holocaust. He quickly finds that he may have bitten off more than he can chew when he’s tasked (completely by accident) with escorting humanity’s last hope, a red-eyed android named Celeste, across the sea to one of the few remaining human safe havens. To make matters worse he’s accompanied by two fellow cadets: the feisty vixen Rose and the polyamorous playboy Prince, both of whom seem entirely set on making sure nothing goes as planned. It’s a magical journey that proves blood isn’t the only bond that makes a family. (Goodreads)

Good morning and welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Arcanum. Thank you to M.C. Moulton and GMTA Publishing for allowing me to read and review this book!

Arcanum is a fantasy novel that deals with a group of unlikely friends from very different backgrounds that are soldiers in an army brought together to defend the human race from the wingers, a flying foe that can wield powerful magic on the battlefield. When the three friends discover Celeste, a beautiful silver haired girl beneath their military compound they find out that she may very well be the last hope for humanity…and it is thrust upon their young shoulders to see her to safety.

I really liked this book, I thought it was well-written and the world building was great although sometimes it was hard for me to gauge a timeframe from the things the characters say. I thought the premise of the story was great, it was definitely one of those books where the characters embark on this really important journey and are racing against the clock with the fate of humanity resting upon their shoulders. I love books like that. Arcanum definitely did not disappoint. It was fast paced, super fun and filled with a wonderful amount of humor and action. Our characters meet other interesting characters along the way like a band of pirates and encounter many different trials like a murderous nymph and a terrifying kraken. All of these things and much more make for a wonderfully entertaining story. I gave Arcanum a four star rating since I did have a few  really slight problems with the world building but overall Arcanum was awesome!

I love this book cover by the way, I couldn’t help but picture this as an anime film in my head when I was reading it which just added to the fun I had reading this novel. I can’t wait to read the sequel!

As an added bonus I am giving away 20 free copies of this book to the first 20 people who comment on this blog post with their email.

About the AuthorAuthor Pic Arcanum I

M. C. Moulton is currently living in Kansas and trying desperately not to be swept away by a tornado to a magical land of munchkins. In his off time he’s lazily at work on the Arcanum sequels or playing way too many video games. Oh yeah and he’s awesome.

Visit the Author’s Website : On this site you will also find links to where you can purchase the book!


Book Review: Butter by Erin Jade Lange

butterTitle: Butter written by Erin Jade Lange
Genre: YA – Contemporary Realistic Fiction
Published by Bloomsbury Books for Young Readers
Page count: 217
Format: Ebook (Read on Barnes and Noble HD+)
Rating: 5/5
Goodreads 2013 Reading Challenge #40

Although everyone knows him by his nickname, Butter, no one really knows exactly how he got the nickname except himself and the person who gave it to him. Faced with many of the daily worries that a normal teen is faced with, Marshall a.k.a. Butter, is also dealing with being extremely overweight. At 423 pounds, his health is teetering on the brink of no return and his confidence in himself is almost nonexistent. While he finds release from daily life through losing himself in the music he makes when playing saxophone, his true release comes in the form of his online friendship with the popular girl he is in love with at school.

As he steadily gains more and more weight and loses himself in his music and ever growing amounts of food, Butter starts to feel deeply embarrassed and ashamed at his size, his feelings for Anna and the fact that he will never be able to reveal himself as her online boyfriend for fear of rejection, as well as his lack of social interaction at school. After suffering another humiliation at the hands of his previous tormentor, Butter decides that enough is enough and decides to take matters into his own hands. He sets up a website called and is resolved to eat himself to death while the whole school watches.

This was a really great book albeit sometimes sad. I found myself really hurting for Butter throughout the book and immensely mad at the characters that surround him. This books deals with a few different “difficult” topics like teen obesity and bullying. I found the part where he is forced to eat an entire stick of butter just so heartbreaking. It was an emotional book for me to read and I think the fact that it drew on my emotions so strongly is one of the reasons why I decided to give this book a 5 out of 5 rating.

I love contemporary realistic fiction books that deal with difficult issues. I think they are so valuable for us to read, especially for teens and children as books like these can help them see a different side to certain issues and give ideas on how to handle situations likes these. It definitely puts us in Butter’s (I really hate to call him that) shoes and feel what he is going through. I definitely loved experiencing his journey and how he evolves from the beginning of the story to their very end not just in physical aspects but mentally as well.

I think this book was written excellently and I really feel as though I got a really deep sense of Butter’s character and his inner struggles as well as his struggles with the physical world. Although this book dealt with difficult issues, I really like that it ended with a really positive note. There is a moment when you think things will never get any better but they do and it’s not a cheesy resolution either, it’s definitely fitting and seems “real”. I really feel as though this book taught me something and I definitely recommend giving this book a read. It reminded me of other realistic fiction books that I have read that deal with bullying like Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher and Blubber by Judy Blume (which is more for older children than teens), all of which are fantastic books and make my heart ache. I’m really glad I read this book!

Endure by Laura Diamond Book Blitz!


(Book One of the Endure Series)


Date: 07/12/13


from Goodreads:


Justin’s anemic blood is a blessing. Or a curse. It all depends on who you ask.

To most of the immortal Vie, his blood is a scourge: untouchable and useless. To some Vie, his blood is a drug. To Justin, it’s something that gets him in alot of trouble. Being poisoned by a Vie is just one example. His sister getting kidnapped is another. Whether it’s being coerced by a deluded cult leader, or negotiating with Alex—an Vie scientist addicted to Anemie blood—Justin struggles to keep every mutated drop of blood he’s got. His fight for survival gets more complicated when he meets Alex’s slave, Cara. Despite coming from different worlds, they’re both prisoners, at risk of being   drained by a hungry Vie any moment. When she risks her own neck to help Justin  find his sister, he’s left with a terrifying choice. Saving what’s left of humanity. Saving his sister. Saving the girl he loves. Or sticking a stake in Alex’s chest.

Justin can’t decide which option will get him killed first.

Here is an except from Endure for your reading pleasure, I have to say that after this sneak peek I’m excited to read it! Hope you guys like it as much as I do! Enjoy!

“A siren broke the night’s tense silence. I cringed at the growing sound.

“They’re stopping here, Justin.” Sammie huddled closer to me, trembling.

“Shhh.” I smoothed her greasy hair.

Blazes, maybe this was our time to die.

Dim outlines of the other Anemies dotted the otherwise bare room. We all crouched lower, as if curling into living meatballs would prevent the Vie from attacking us.

“I’m scared.” Her shrill voice shredded my ear drums. I covered her mouth with my hand, but she pawed me away. She hated the feeling of suffocation.

“You have to be quiet.” They could hear our whispers, but we didn’t have to attract more attention than necessary. I grimaced at the salty, dank odor of sweat emanating from my pores. They could smell us, too, even sense our decay. No wonder they hated us. Our stench. Our weakness.

Such a contrast from their perfection.”

                                                                                                  Available From:

 photo addtogoodreadssmall_zpsa2a6cf28.png  photo B6096376-6C81-4465-8935-CE890C777EB9-1855-000001A1E900B890_zps5affbed6.jpg  photo 111AD205-AA04-4F9E-A0F4-C1264C4E9F30-1855-000001A1E8CEB6D7_zps9b730b94.jpg

About the Author

Laura Diamond is a boardcertified psychiatrist and author of all things young adult paranormal, dystopian, horror, and middle grade. Her short story, CITY OF LIGHTS AND STONE, is in the DAY OF DEMONS Anthology by Anachron Press (April 2012). Another short story, BEGGING DEATH, is coming soon in the CARNAGE: AFTER THE END Anthology by Sirens Call Publications. Her Young Adult Paranormal Romance novelette NEW PRIDE was published November 2012 and her novel SHIFTING PRIDE is coming December 7, 2012 from Etopia Press. When she’s not writing, she is working at the hospital, blogging at Author Laura Diamond–Lucid Dreamer (, and renovating her 225+ year old fixer-upper mansion. She is also full-time staff member for her four cats and a Pembroke corgi named Katie.




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