Blog Tour Book Review: Born Speaking Lies by Rob Lenihan

born-speaking-lies-coverAbout Born Speaking Lies

 Paperback: 505 pages
 Publisher: Fomite (October 1, 2016)

Told in the raw and unforgettable voice of career criminal Billy the Kid, Born Speaking Lies is the story of a man who gets that rare second chance in life as he tries to escape the violent world of 1990s Brooklyn and a history of bad choices.

After being shot and left for dead in a Pennsylvania forest by members of his own crew, Billy tries to disappear into small town life with Lora, a local woman who finds him bleeding by the side of the road and offers him her heart and her home. But Billy’s desire for revenge and his rapidly deteriorating health drives him toward a bloody confrontation with his former friends. Infused with black humor and hard-hitting action, a well-written, literary crime novel with unforgettable, colorful characters.

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I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review of it.

Born Speaking Lies is the story of a mobster known as Billy the Kid. He is introduced into a life of crime at a young age and quickly becomes one of the most known and feared mobsters in his area and the favorite of the mob boss. But when Billy pisses off the wrong person, he ends up getting killed by two of his friends. But he doesn’t die. Instead he seizes the chance at a new life but is constantly haunted by his old one.

The writing in this book was superb, atmospheric and drew me completely in to the story. Billy the kid was a pretty complicated character and I really enjoyed getting the story from his perspective, but I also enjoyed the perspectives of some of the other characters that I think really enhanced Billy as a character like Sal, Vince and his former wife. I thought it was a really interesting exploration of how background and environment can influence the direction of a person’s life. Alot of the characters had pretty awful childhoods with both physical and mental abuse or family members that weren’t there for them and the book flashes back to the past a bit showing that everyone had demons that they were still grappling with well into adulthood.

Wow! What a story. This book was pretty great. I don’t think that I have read many books with mobsters in it  but I can tell you that I really enjoyed this one. It was a really complicated story with  a slew of complicated characters. The story is riddled with violence and brutality that it literally kept me on the edge of my seat and kept me glued to its pages. I never knew what to expect from this book and by the end of it, I was blown away. This is such a good book. 

This book was a bit larger than the books I normally read but it really read like a much shorter book just due to the fact that I couldn’t put it down. The atmosphere was really dark, gritty and unforgiving and I really loved that for this story. Five stars!

robert-lenihan-apAbout Rob Lenihan

Rob Lenihan was born in Brooklyn in the same year the Dodgers left, but he likes to think these two events are not related. Raised in Bay Ridge, he has worked at newspapers in Brooklyn, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut, covering crime, business, and politics. He maintains a blog, The Luna Park Gazette, and has written three screenplays.

Find out more about Rob at his website.

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