Blog Tour Book Review: The Gift of the Mancynn by Dominic Hodgson

GOTMBANNERGOTMKINDLETitle: The Gift of the Mancynn by Dominic Hodgson
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Length: 328 pages
Format: Ebook
Publication date: May 10, 2016
Publisher:  Devil’s Tower, an imprint of Ravenswood Publishing
Rating: 4/5

What if everything we thought we knew about the universe was wrong? What if there was something beyond our perception of space and time? And why do we feel the need to constantly strive towards the technological advances that have brought us from the wheel to the particle accelerator? Are we really motivated by our own curiosity and greed? Or is this the work of a higher power?

Philip is a teenage boy, who goes to school, watches TV, and just so happens to be supernatural. He’s never thought to question his abilities, and why should he? That’s just who he is. Except that now he’s being visited by mysterious figures, headed by the deathly Lord Gryal Repa, who insists that it’s his duty to work with them, that he should do whatever bizarre tasks they ask of him.

And the further Philip and his friends travel, the clearer it gets that he is not the only one aware of Gryal and his cohorts. They have infiltrated this world for their own insidious agenda, and they are preparing something far more dangerous.

With plans thousands of years in the making already in motion, it’s a race against time as Philip must decide what side of a conflict traversing the dimensions he’s going to be on, before everything he’s ever known is changed forever.


Happy Thursday all and welcome to my stop on the blog tour for The Gift of the Mancynn by Dominic Hodgson. I’d like to thank the author and the publisher, Ravenswood Publishing for giving me the chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review of it.

My curiosity about this book was definitely piqued right away when I initially read the synopsis for this book. I am always down for a new Sci-Fi/Fantasy experience and this book seemed pretty interesting and ambitious with conflict across dimensions. Seriously, how cool does that sound?

The Gift of the Mancynn was for me, a four star read. I really enjoyed it and I thought the writing was pretty good. I loved some of the characters. I love villains, even though I naturally tend to pay more attention to the protagonist. I really enjoyed Gryal as a character, I thought he was dark and menacing. I also did love our protagonist and his abilities.

I thought there was a good amount of action and danger throughout the story and I rather enjoyed the unique elements to the story like the Book of Alternity and the council – things that just make this story its own world. I’m always impressed by an author’s ability to craft  a world, a magic system, and lore that makes the story just feel complete and real. I definitely thought this book was unique in that it felt both Sci-Fi and fantasy at the same time. I usually find that books fit into one of the two categories but this one blended the two really well which is something I really enjoyed reading. Not to mention that the writing was pretty descriptive which is something I ALWAYS appreciate and I felt like I had a great sense of the setting and the characters from this. I would be interested in continuing the series, as I believe this book is the first in a series by the way it ended. I can’t wait to see what else awaits Philip and the world, in general,  within this series.

I think that both young adults and adults alike can find something to enjoy in this book!

imagesAbout the Author

DH1My name is Dominic Edward James Hodgson, I am 18 years old and I live in Northamptonshire, England. I am in my final year at Bedford Modern School, and am soon to be going off to university. I spend lots of my free time working on my novel and scripts, but I am also a massive science fiction and horror fan. I attend Comiccons when I can, participate in theatrical productions and have been known to practice archery from time to time. My dream is to make a career of writing novels, of which I have numerous planned, but I would also like the opportunity to work in the production of TV and film, especially to write for some of my favourite shows.

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