Blog Tour Book Review: Set Free From Darkness: A Memoir by Susan Klarkowski-Rasmussen

SFFDBANNERSFFDKINDLETitle: Set Free From Darkness: A Memoir by Susan Klarkowski-Rasmussen
Genre: Nonfiction – Memoir
Length: 143 pages
Format: Ebook
Publication date: September 20, 2015
Publisher:  Veritas, an imprint of Ravenswood Publishing
Rating: 5/5

In 1987 I had dreams of marriage and a family. I had a wonderful husband, a beautiful daughter and a nice home. I wanted to know the God that could create a child so perfect. I began exploring my spiritual options. While researching New Age philosophies I would go through mental illness psychosis leaving me with the worst fear I could ever know. I was afraid of my thoughts and myself. With misdiagnosis and failed hospitalizations I ended up taking the life of my 10-month-old child. Set Free From Darkness will take you from tears to victory. I set out “to know the God that could create a child so perfect” and He answered my prayer but in a much deeper more complex way. He loved me enough to allow my heart to be broken so I could begin a journey to learn to love and forgive.


Good morning everyone and welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Set Free From Darkness: A Memoir. I would like to thank the author, as well as the publisher for giving me the chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review of it.

Set Free From Darkness is a memoir, as you can tell from previous posts this year I have been trying to read more memoirs as I find them to be completely fascinating and I love the life lessons that I inevitably find in them. They just give me another perspective on life that I find to be valuable and oftentimes, beautiful. This book definitely falls into that category for me as well.

It tells the story of the author’s struggle throughout her life with mental illness, a struggle that causes a terrible tragedy at her hands that causes her life to fall apart. While it starts off in a very dark place, as we are taken through the author’s struggle with her mental illness and the years following her daughter’s death, the story ends in a much lighter place with the foundation being her Christian faith. It is basically a story about a person’s mental, spiritual and physical journey to God and to their own forgiveness.

I loved this book. For me it was a very emotional book as it starts with a difficult subject matter involving the death of a child and mental illness but I think that these issues are very important to talk about and I think the author does such a superb job of talking about them in her book since she has lived through this. I can’t begin to imagine what the author has been through and felt through the course of her life and the events in the book but I have a small idea thanks to her courage to tell her story. The story is definitely a testimony of God’s working in her life so it may not be a story for everyone but I do definitely think, however, that everyone should read it. I think everyone can benefit from reading it in some way, which is what  I love about memoirs. They teach us things. They allow us to see the world in different ways, through different lenses. This book definitely did that for me and I’m grateful to have read it. It may be difficult for some to read but nonetheless it is definitely worth it. Five stars from me. If you are interested in purchasing please visit one of the links below.

Happy reading everyone!


About the AuthorSKR

Susan Klarkowski-Rasmussen has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, believes in the full gospel of the Bible, complete with the Spiritual Gifts, and retains the respect for others who are on their journey seeking the “light”. Growing up with legalism, rules and regulations she has come to view God in a much broader way. Susan is happily married and has been the shepherd of four goats, two dogs, one cat and a rooster. She and her husband, John, live near Green Bay, Wisconsin. She would be the first one to admit that she did not have what it took to live out this story, but for some reason she was chosen. Now she is grateful to be on this side of the pain, sharing a story of hope and restoration. “There is something that happens inside a person when what they hold dear is stripped from them. If once they can let go of the guilt and sadness, a healing takes place that creates a strength unknown to many.” Susan will tell you she didn’t do anything special…she just got up every day and somehow managed to take another step. God wrote this story of beauty for ashes, one day at a time.






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