Blog Tour Book Review: Abducted by Roger Rapel

ABANNERAKINDLE: Abducted by Roger Rapel
Genre: Fiction – Crime/Thriller
Length: 270  pages
Format: Ebook
Publication date: October 10, 2015
Publisher:  Black Hawk, an imprint of Ravenswood Publishing
Rating: 3/5

His investigative skills and demeanour would be tested when he began to investigate two rapes albeit 18 months apart; they were the same MO making him think he was investigating a serial rapist.

His sensitive investigative skills when interviewing victims were put to the test; but with his sympathetic approach and empathy he managed to extract vital information.
The forensic scientist had found similar fibres on each victims clothing which confirmed the same offender. Now the hunt began.

His affair with Jackie was reaching a crescendo they were both using each other to reach sexual heights neither had encountered before.
Then a massive fraud case landed on his desk which Jim didn’t need. Jackie’s commitment to the job would be tested to the full as Jim used her to test a theory he had………

Then the Cindy case rose again with another ex-pat in Spain wanting to spill the beans on another UK sex ring; the well to do members were abusing children in their own homes and others. The corridors of power would feature again, how high would it go this time?

I’d like to thank the author and Ravenswood Publishing for giving me the chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

I don’t read as many Crime novels or thrillers as I would like and in an effort to start to I decided to participate in the blog tour for Abducted. I think part of the reason I haven’t read too many is because the very concept of being abducted terrifies me! I ended up starting this book really late at night while was laying in the dark and the only one awake in my home. Not very smart!

I ended up giving this book three stars. I liked quite a bit about the first half of the book.  I think it was just not entirely for me, if that makes any sense. I found it hard to connect with the characters and I’m not sure if it was the third person omniscient perspective that made it hard for me to connect with them or if it was just the main character. I maybe wish that I had seen more of his raw emotion, he seemed really detached from everyone in his life and maybe that was the point after all.

I got a little confused when the story shifted from the rape case to the international sex trafficking case. I feel like there wasn’t much closure regarding the first case that I was really itching for and all of a sudden we were thrust into this other case that while interesting, didn’t have anything to do with the cases he was working prior to going back to this one. I really just felt like I missed something. I saw that the author wrote another book that I think might have to do with the last part of this book so I would be interested in reading that since the second case sounds super interesting and complicated. Maybe reading that would also give me more insight into this character. He has some demons to deal with that’s for sure and I’d like to see more of how he struggles to deal with them while also trying to play a hero in his daily job.

This book was a super light read and can definitely be read in one sitting. I thought the cases were interesting and I liked seeing the fairly in depth explanation of police procedure that we get when the cases are being worked.  If you like crime fiction you may enjoy this book, if you have read this please feel free to share your thoughts!

As always, happy reading everyone! P.S. My laptop hard drive went out and it is in the shop so I probably won’t be posting for a few days 😦

imagesRRAbout the Author

Born in the late 40’s only a few years after the second world finished with all the hardships of rationing, cold houses windows running with condensation with frost forming on the inside as well as the outside, living in one room for heat. Growing up in the 50’s with little or none of the modern comforts of today’s modern world, my brother and sister were happy well as happy as you could be. I worked in various organizations including PO as a steward on cruise liners (I must write about that) then on the buildings picking bits of skills here and there and became a jack of all trades certainly master of none. Then joined the police stayed for 30 years mainly as a detective Sergeant dealing with all manner of criminal cases including child abuse rape cases and murder.




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