Book Review – Switch: Time for a Change by Sandra LaMorgese, PhD

SwitchCoverWORKING-FILE 1Title: Switch: Time For A Change by Sandra LaMorgese, PhD
Genre: Nonfiction – Memoir
Length: 173 pages
Format: Ebook
Publication Date: TBD
Publisher: EdgePlay Publishing
Rating – 4/5

Switch is a book unlike any other, it has something for everyone. Will it push you out of your comfort zone? Most certainly. Are parts of it shocking and risqué? Of course! But will it also take you on an eloquent and meaningful journey of self-discovery, honesty, and love? Absolutely.

In her memoir, Dr. Sandra LaMorgese (and her dominatrix alter-ego) take readers on a wild ride through a story that begins with struggle and defeat, but ultimately transforms into a tale of fulfillment, success, and happiness—all because of a year spent working in one of the most famous BDSM dungeons in New York City.

Her on-the-job stories will make your jaw drop, and her stream-of-consciousness descriptions of her first days down in the dungeon will have you laughing out loud. Most importantly, though, in Switch, you will meet a person who faced challenges just like yours—dreams that looked unattainable, a love life that felt unfulfilling, and a future that seemed full of uncertainty. You will listen in on every epiphany during the difficult times of transition, and you will witness the beautiful metamorphosis that brought her to a place of true success, love, and peace.

Through Sandra’s vulnerability, bravery, and unfailing sense of humor, you just might find the same courage that she did—the courage to live authentically and to finally create the life of your dreams.




I am happy to bring you my review of Switch: Time for a Change by Dr. Sandra LaMorgese. I’d like to say a huge thank you to Dr. LaMorgese for giving me the opportunity to read her book in exchange for an honest review.

I love memoirs, I really do, so of course when Dr. LaMorgese contacted me about possibly reviewing her memoir I knew I needed to read it. The story and experiences of people’s lives is vastly interesting to me and I appreciate the opportunity to learn through someone else’s experience. Every memoir I have read so far has always taught me things about life or caused me to reflect on that of my own which is always a great thing. Switch: Time for a Change was no different.

Switch: Time for a Change is about Dr. LaMorgese’s time as a professional dominatrix and the life lessons she has learned through that experience. But it’s not really solely about that part of her life. It was really a journey of a woman who always put others first, coming into her own happiness and becoming comfortable with her sexuality and ultimately, who she is.

I feel like this book was really empowering for me. Human beings are sexual creatures and I think that growing up I was taught from different avenues that women’s sexuality was something to not be discussed out loud or was taboo to talk about. That affects you growing up and luckily for me it didn’t affect my life as an adult but it’s books like this that I think remind me that women have just as much, if not more in some cases, desire as men and that it’s okay to be comfortable with that. I also thought the idea of tantra was extremely interesting, especially the idea of channeling out sexual energy to build confidence and to channel our passion into our work and life. That is definitely something that I will take away with me from reading this book. I also loved the message of being authentic and striving for your own happiness in life. I love it.

I thought reading about Dr. LaMorgese’s experience was definitely interesting and enlightening. I think many of us often wonder about the BDSM lifestyle as is evident by the success of BDSM related books etc. in recent years. I loved the opportunity to become more familiar with it from someone who wrote about it so honestly. This is an uncomfortable subject for some people but I thought this book was such a good read and honestly, how can we ever learn if we are not constantly experiencing things outside of our comfort zones (which is also something I learned from this book). I enjoyed it and thus am giving it a four star rating and recommending it! I have recently been reading this authors blog as well and I find it to be enlightening and helpful. I am grateful for having received the chance to read this book! It was a pretty fast read for me. It is not yet released but be on the lookout as it is coming soon! If you would like to learn more about the author and read her blog (which I love) visit her site at

Happy Reading everyone!


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