Book Review – Pieces Like Pottery: Stories of Loss and Redemption by Dan Buri

26878042Title: Pieces Like Pottery: Stories of Loss and Redemption by Dan Buri
Genre: Fiction – Short Story Collection
Length: 179 pages
Format: Ebook
Publication Date: October 2, 2015
Publisher:  DJB Publishing
Rating – 5/5

Having spent time at #1 on multiple bestseller lists, the first collection of short fiction from Dan Buri, Pieces Like Pottery, announces the arrival of a new American author. In this distinct selection of stories marked by struggle and compassion, Pieces Like Pottery is a powerful examination of the sorrows of life, the strength of character, the steadfast of courage, and the resiliency of love requisite to find redemption.

Filled with graceful insight into the human condition, each linked story presents a tale of loss and love mirroring themes from each of the five Sorrowful Mysteries. In Expect Dragons, James Hinri learns that his old high school teacher is dying. Wanting to tell Mr. Smith one last time how much his teaching impacted him, James drives across the country revisiting past encounters with his father’s rejection and the pain of his youth. Disillusioned and losing hope, little did James know that Mr. Smith had one final lesson for him.

In The Gravesite, Lisa and Mike’s marriage hangs in the balance after the disappearance of their only son while backpacking in Thailand. Mike thinks the authorities are right—that Chris fell to his death in a hiking accident—but Lisa has her doubts. Her son was too strong to die this young, and no one can explain to her why new posts continue to appear on her son’s blog.

Twenty-Two looks in on the lives of a dock worker suffering from the guilt of a life not lived and a bartender making the best of each day, even though he can see clearly how his life should have been different. The two find their worlds collide when a past tragedy shockingly connects them.

A collection of nine stories, each exquisitely written and charged with merciful insight into the trials of life, Pieces Like Pottery reminds us of the sorrows we all encounter in life and the kindness we receive, oftentimes from the unlikeliest of places.


Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I am sharing with you my review of Pieces Like Pottery: Stories of Loss and Redemption written by Dan Buri. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Pieces Like Pottery: Stories of Loss and Redemption is a collection of short stories that explore such themes as loss, grief, redemption, love and tragedy. There are also a few poems included within this collection.

I really enjoyed each one of these short stories and together I think they made a beautiful collection. I thought that each of them was beautiful and poignant. They were not only well written and overall great stories, they also had great messages and themes that left an impression on me after I read them. I think these are the types of stories that teach you things about life and make you think. They are the types of stories that stick with you long after you have read them and are certainly some of my most favorite short stories that I have read in my reading career thus far. I haven’t read many but this is definitely one of my top five, it may be even top three most favorite short story collections ever and I am really happy that I had the opportunity to read it.

I love the title of this book. I thought it was very fitting of the overall feeling of this collection. I love it when collections, although consisting of individual stories that can stand on their own, are also connected together to form one cohesive whole. This collection definitely achieved that and it was breathtaking. I just really really wish I could buy a physical copy to have on my shelf in my personal collection!

I am giving this book a five star rating! I highly recommend it. If you love short story collections or are a fan of memorable, touching stories you may enjoy this book! It is available on Amazon here: Pieces like Pottery by Dan Buri.

Happy Reading!


About the Author

61T9F3tBVFL._UX250_Dan Buri’s first collection of short fiction, Pieces Like Pottery, is an exploration of heartbreak and has spent time at #1 on multiple bestseller lists, including for inspirational short stories and inspirational fiction. The writing is uniquely heartfelt and explores the depths of the human struggle and the human search for meaning in life.

Mr. Buri’s non-fiction works have been distributed online and in print, including publications in Pundit Press, Tree, Summit Avenue Review, and TC Huddle. The defunct and very well regarded Buris On The Couch, was a He-Says/She-Says blog musing on the ups and downs of marriage with his wife.

Mr. Buri is an active attorney in the Pacific Northwest and has been recognized by Intellectual Asset Magazine as one of the World’s Top 300 Intellectual Property Strategists every year since 2010. He lives in Oregon with his wife and two-year-old daughter.





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