Top Ten Tuesday: My Top Ten Resolutions for 2016


Top Ten Tuesday is a blog meme created and hosted by the wonderful The Broke and the Bookish. Head on over to their blog to join in on the fun or to read other Top Ten Tuesday posts from an amazing collection of blogs that participate. Below you will find my top ten resolutions for this year! These are a mix of bookish resolutions and some not so bookish resolutions!

1) Participate regularly in Top Ten Tuesday: I figured this should be one of my resolutions for my blog. For some reason I end up not posting every Tuesday (or even most Tuesdays) but I find these meme to be so much fun so I need to be better about it. I also just need to participate in more book tags in general.

2) Read more books off my shelf: Throughout the year I have a tendency to sign up for a lot of book tours and I also have a pretty steady flow of review requests coming in. I would like to try to make time to read books that I have purchased for myself and have been gathering dust on my bookshelf for the past couple of years. I also got alot of books for Christmas that I am DYING to read. Right now I’m trying to slowly work my way through a backlog of review requests that I fell behind on due to some crazy life things happening in the past few months but *deep breath* I will get there!

3) Play more video games: In the past few months I have fallen off of playing video games as regularly as I was used to. It’s been awhile since I’ve turned on my xbox to play anything other than Black Ops III. I’m not complaining, I love the game but I am still wanting to play through games like The Witcher and Dragon Age and need to find time to play them as they are also, sitting on a shelf gathering dust and playing games is one of the best joys of my life <3.

4) Eat healthier on my vegan diet: Although being Vegan isn’t just a diet for me  (it’s my complete lifestyle and system of ethics) I would like to eat healthier. Yes, as a vegan you can eat pretty unhealthy. We have our own processed foods, sweets, and junk foods. My first year of being vegan was all about not restricting myself and trying everything. I have had a blast with vegan tacos, cupcakes, etc. etc. I would just like to eat more raw and whole foods. I want to learn more about vegan nutrition and just overall work on my health. My first step to this was purchasing the book How Not To Die by Michael Gregor and Gene Stone. There is an abundance of high cholesterol, diabetes, breast cancer, etc. in my family so I cannot wait to read this book and see what insights it can give me. Hopefully I can get back to my comfortable weight too! This is also includes exercising more so I probably should have just made this resolution title “Get Heathier”. LOL.

5) I’d like to spend more time with my family: I, like everyone else, take it for granted that I have my parents still with me. Recently alot of friends have lost grandparents or parents. We just passed the anniversary of my grandfather’s death last month and it just got me thinking that I need to try to spend more time with my parents. Treasure them and make more memories.

6) I need to get out more: I am pretty much a hermit. LOL. No, really. I love being home with my dog, my books, my blankets and my video games (lately my coloring books). I don’t really get out too often unless I’m visiting family (see above), going to the movies with a few friends or shopping (when I’m not doing online shopping). This really doesn’t happen too often as I am pretty comfortable in my little cocoon but yeah, I rarely see the light of day these days. I work at home so it’s really easy to not leave the house. I need to better about that because I do feel like I am missing life sometimes, although I do love my life now. I feel like maybe I’m missing other’s lives, if that makes any sense. I have pretty severe social anxiety so yeah, I need to work on that. I wasn’t always that way so 2016 will be the year.

7) I want to volunteer more: The last time I volunteered was last thanksgiving at an animal sanctuary and though the work was hard, I loved it so much. I would like to do more of that once my toes heals as they are still healing from an injury from a few months ago. I’d like to volunteer there regularly and help the animals. I love animals.

8) Get published: This is probably one of the most important resolutions for me this year. I wrote a short novel during NaNoWriMo and am going to begin adding to it and then will enter my first phase of editing. I am also working on a poetry collection that I started a few years ago but never finished. I’d like to publish these two works this year (self publish). My poor mother keeps begging me to and she jokingly (and not so jokingly) keeps telling me to publish before she dies. She’s crazy but yes, I am aiming to do just that this year.

9) Pay off debt: Student loans and credit cards. Need I say more?

10) Finish my Master’s Thesis and ultimately, finish grad school: 2016 WILL be the year I graduate grad school. I AM SO EXCITED! I’m a lifelong learner so I will probably go back to school after that. Why do I do this to myself?

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Top Ten Resolutions of this year! I would love to hear what yours are! I am wishing all of you a wonderful 2016 full of love, laughter, and many blessings! Oh yeah and if you haven’t had the chance to check it out, I just uploaded a bunch of comic con/cosplay pics on a separate page in the menu!

Happy reading everyone!

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