2016 Reading Challenges Pt. 2

Just like last year I will be participating in the Ethereal and Gentle Spectrums (B) challenges hosted by RIEDEL fascination. You can click on the images to view the details and original posts at the hosting blog. I had alot of fun with these two last year so I am excited to participate this year as well. I am also going to be taking part in the new challenge hosted by this blog as well called Celtic Coasts!  All of these run from February 1, 2016 to January 31, 2017 which is an awesome timeframe for people that take part in tons of challenges like myself.

ethereal-2016new-ethereal-levels The goal of the Ethereal challenge is to read books of spiritual and mystical content for example, fantasy books and paranormal books. I tend to read alot of these which is why I love this challenge.These are the levels for the Ethereal challenge. The levels are not requirements they are merely gauges to track reading progress!


gentle-spectrums-2016 For the Gentle Spectrums challenge I am participating in the (B) option Gentle Subjects, which is to match titles of books to the Gentle Subjects. Once again this is a very relaxed challenge so you can read as many as you want.  I am pretty sure that as my reading list for this grows I will end up tagging on the A option as well, but we will see!

Related words:  meowing, purring, tweeting, flying.


The Hating Game by Sally Thorne
All Stories are Love Stories by Elizabeth Percer

Birthdays, marriage, graduation, retirement, baptism, healing rituals.

4.  FOOD





Any connection, even “Winnie-The-Pooh”.  Look up our inventions, like the 911 emergency number.

Famous inanimate pairings:  bowl & spoon, peas in a pod, spark to a flame, moon & stars, black or white, a wink & a smile.


celtic-coasts-2016 I am super excited to be participating in this new challenge, Celtic Coasts. The goal in this challenge is to read literature related to Wales, Ireland and Scotland. In college I was obsessed with early Irish literature and am excited because I have alot of books on my shelf for this challenge that I have been dying to read for awhile. Here is my chance!

–  Look for authors born or residing in Wales, Ireland, Scotland.
–  Books in which even a momentary part visits these countries.
–  Welsh, Irish, Scottish connections:  fictional and non-fiction literature.

The Takers by Amanda Bigler (A Dominant Color on the Cover)