Blog Tour Book Review: The Great Christmas Knit-Off by Alexandra Brown

The Great Christmas Knit-Off coverAbout The Great Christmas Knit-Off

• Paperback: 400 pages
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks (October 13, 2015)

When life unravels, it’s time to knit . . .

Sybil has always taken comfort in her passion for knitting, creating beautiful garments stitch by stitch. But her world suddenly unravels when her fiancé ditches her for her identical twin sister at her Star Wars–themed wedding, leaving Sybil at the altar sporting a Princess Leia do. And things go from bad to worse when an incident at work jeopardizes her job.

To escape her woes and forget that she’ll be alone for Christmas this year, Sybil sets off to visit her friend Cher in Tindledale—a winter wonderland of quaint shops and snowy rooftops. When she arrives in the idyllic town, she can’t help feeling like she’s in a Hallmark greeting card. She’s embraced by welcoming—if eccentric—locals wearing handmade sweaters that remind Sybil of her own creations and her unrealized ambitions of selling them. So when the owner of a vintage-clothing boutique asks her to make an assortment of knits for their display window, she’s thrilled. And hoping to heal her broken heart, the hot town doctor has even taken an interest in Sybil.

But just when Sybil thinks she’s going to have her fairy-tale Christmas after all, an unexpected turn of events threatens to unspool her happily ever after.

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Happy Wednesday! Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for The Great Christmas Knit-Off by Alexandra Brown. I’d like to send a thank you to the author, TLC Blog Tours and Harper Collins for giving me the chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

The Great Christmas Knit-Off is about a young girl who was left at the altar at her Star Wars themed wedding. Trying to get over her heartbreak after her fiance ran off with her sister and also wanting to escape a scandal at work, she travels to the little, quirky town of Tindledale which brings all sorts of unexpected people and events into her life

This is book is a first of many things for me. It is my first book centered around knitting, my first book by Alexandra Brown and also my first Christmas themed book! It’s also something that I normally wouldn’t pick to read but I really wanted to try something different and I liked the synopsis and I also thought the cover was really cute. I did not regret my decision to try something new at all, I am actually really glad that I gave this book a try because I ended up really liking it. I thought it was really cute, fun and funny. I think it was the perfect book to get me into the holiday spirit which was something that I really wanted to start getting in the mood for and this was absolutely the most perfect way to do it. I kind of wish it were a little more cold outside while I read this but I live in Texas so that may be asking too much but this is literally the perfect book to snuggle under a blanket with holding a your favorite cup of hot chocolate. I thought it was cozy and fun and I loved all of the characters. I thought quite a few were really quirky and fun. One of my favorites is Basil of course because I love an animal in a story, especially one as cute as Basil. I really enjoyed quite a bit about this book – the romance, the friendships and Tindledale in general. It seems like a magical winter wonderland filled with friendly, inviting people. I am excited to say that this is going to be a series so yes, I will be looking forward to reading another book in this setting in the future.

I really loved our main character Sybs, and I especially enjoyed her friendship with Hettie. I found that I was able to really relate to Sybs and enjoyed seeing her blossom throughout her time in Tindledale. I loved that the story centered around a hobby/passion like knitting. I am definitely someone with alot of hobbies so I thought it was a really cute idea. I, myself don’t knit but it has always intrigued me and I have a few friends who do. It sounds like so much fun and such a stress reliever that I may end up trying to pick it up in the future if I can.

I am giving this book a 4 out of 5 star rating as I thoroughly enjoyed it. I recommend giving this a read if you are looking to launch yourself into the holiday spirit. It is a fun, light, cozy read that you can read in an afternoon at home snuggling under a blanket with your dog (which is exactly what I did)!


Alexandra Brown APAbout Alexandra Brown

Alexandra Brown began her writing career as the City Girl columnist for the London Paper. She wrote the weekly column—a satirical diary account of her time working in the corporate world of London—for two years before giving it up to concentrate on writing novels and is now the author of the Cupcakes at Carrington’s books. Set in a department store in the pretty seaside town of Mulberry-On-Sea, the series follows the life, loves and laughs of sales assistant Georgie Hart. The Great Christmas Knit-Off is Alexandra’s fourth book and the first in a new series set in the fictional village of Tindledale, following the lives of all the characters there. Alexandra lives in a real village near the south coast of England with her husband, daughter and a very shiny black Labrador retriever.

Find out more about Alexandra at her website, and connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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