Book Review: Divine by L.C. Davis, Jr.

DIVBANNERDivineTitle:  Divine by L.C. Davis
Genre:  Fantasy
Publisher: Chimera (Ravenswood Publishing)
Length: 336 pages
Format: Epub
Publication Date: July 15, 2015
Rating – 4/5

The unexpected arrival of an ill-omened war sword serves as the perfect catalyst for the wild fire of revenge and dark magic poised to engulf four embattled brothers and their father’s illustrious crown.

Set in the feudal kingdom of Valgary, the novel “Divine” explores the first grim chronicles of an undefeated Pangean bloodline of Kings and Warlords shaken to its very core when the powerful King Vagrath’s youngest son, Royal, is unintentionally thrust into the role of his father’s successor over his vengeful older brothers, Genesis, and the vain cold-hearted twins, Grieves & Mourn.


Hello everyone and welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Divine by L.C. Davis! Thank  you to both the author and publisher for giving me the opportunity read this book for an honest review!

Divine is a dark fantasy story that follows the royal family of the feudal kingdom of Valgary. The inhabitants of the kingdom value strength, lineage, and combat. It is a kingdom rife with pride and centuries old traditions that are unexpectedly disrupted by the birth of Royal, the last son of the current King, Vagrath. The strangeness of his birth, his difference in constitution and mind, and his overall character are in stark contrast to that of his siblings whom unfailingly resent him for it and are actually the differences that ultimately change his family and kingdom.

I almost wish this book were longer, the characters and scenes just a bit more detailed because I would have enjoyed them that much more. I’m interested in more background on the kingdom – the kingdom and it’s traditions themselves are so fascinating. I love Royal’s character and his journey from what seemed like a weak boy in the first few chapters to this interestingly strong and somewhat dark character. On the flip side I also love Mourn’s character. In the first few chapters I didn’t like him but he becomes so much more complex and interesting when the tables turn and he is disgraced. So interesting!

There is alot to this story that gripped me. I thought the sibling rivalry angle was interesting, as I mentioned above, I thought the kingdom’s traditions and mores were interesting, and I thought the relationships between the characters were interesting like that of the queen and her sons. Overall, although it took  me a little bit to get into the story, once I did, it was gripping and definitely entertaining.

I ended up giving this book a four star rating, I really enjoyed this story and cannot wait to continue it. I’m really interested in what is going to happen next in this world. I love the darkness of the story. It’s very bloody and gritty, I think it would make a great movie. I await the sequel eagerly!


About the Author

xL.C. “Lamar Calvin” Davis Jr grew up an army child and currently resides in the military town of Clarksville, Tennessee. He is a film school graduate, avid gamer and hopes to one day become a premier southern novelist in modern day literature. His debut novel series, Divine, was crafted with the intention of becoming his first contract between himself the author and the rest of the world as readers. Die hard supporters and fan art are what keep him going.


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