Book Review: Southern Solstice by Sarah Sadler

25263608Title: Southern Solstice by Sarah Sadler
Genre:  Fiction – Romance
Publisher: Blue French Press
Page count: 404 pages
Format: EPUB
Publication Date: June 23, 2015
Rating – 5/5!!

As rich and distinctive as the Lowcountry itself, Southern Solstice presents a clever and charismatic journey of love, heartache, adaptation and emotional fortitude as told through a patina of family heritage.

When twenty-four-year-old Larken Devereaux is left brokenhearted by her fiancé on the West Coast, she reluctantly returns to her charmed aristocratic roots in Charleston, South Carolina to rebuild her life and gain self-determination in a prominent southern family that offers everything and requires nothing.

As her impetuous mother orchestrates a reunion with a first love, Larken becomes entangled in a dilemma where she must choose between an intriguing, passionate plastic surgeon who is anything but superficial and the annoyingly irresistible man who has silently loved her forever, but selfishly deceived her.


I received an ARC copy of Southern Solstice from the publisher for my honest review! I have literally been DYING to share this book with everyone!

Southern Solstice was just what I needed to read this summer. It is a contemporary romance novel about a girl from Charleston named Larken who has recently been left by her fiancee mere months away from walking down the aisle. It’s about her journey to find herself and love again. That’s really all I will tell you about the plot because this is a book that you are going to want to read for yourself!! Trust me. This is the PERFECT summer read, take it to the beach with you and just lose yourself in it…it is really so easy to just lose yourself in this world.

I ended up absolutely loving this book, it’s definitely one of my top reads of this year. At a little over 400 pages it wasn’t a light read but it actually had the feeling of being a light read. In part because of the fact that once I started it I didn’t want to put it down but also because of the way it was written. And it was beautifully written…the writing was light, melodic and romantic.

I literally loved everything about this book. I loved the setting and the descriptions we are given of the setting, Larken’s hometown and Miles’ home seem so real to me. I felt like this about the setting since page one, it was so absorbing. I also fell in love with Larken as our main character. It was so easy to lose myself in her character and her emotions. I just loved all of the women in this book!! The idea of the southern woman and southern hospitality was just so intriguing and intoxicating to me throughout the book, much like the setting was. The romance(s) in this book were just so intriguing and I felt torn most of the time and it was just perfect. This book also has the most perfectly romantic line in it ever that references one of my most favorite works of literature, Great Expectations.

I think this book is well deserving of a full five star rating. I could not have enjoyed it more and after reading this book I am so wanting to read more books with strong romances and even stronger female leads. I had alot of fun getting to know Larken, her family and her love interests. Thank you to Sarah Sadler for writing a beautiful story that was just heartwarming and just lovely! Do yourself a favor this summer and buy this book! I’m excited that it has been released because I am definitely going to be buying a physical copy for my bookshelf because this is a book that I will want to return to again and again. If you read this book and want to come back and fangirl with me in the comments, please do!

P.S. If this book doesn’t become a movie, I am going to be so disappointed.

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