Blog Tour Book Review – Phoenica Rising: Keeper of Light (Book One) by Caroline Quigley

PRBANNERTitle: PhoePhoenicaKINDLEnica Rising: Keeper of Light (Book One) by Caroline Quigley
Genre:  Fantasy
Publisher: Chimera (Ravenswood Publishing)
Page count: 278
Format: EPUB
Publication Date: May 10, 2015
Rating – 3/5

A Celtic, mystical, fantasy, adventure story.

Phoenica, a shy, sensitive, intuitive girl with a deep love of nature, moves to the West of Ireland and meets Bromia her estranged Grandmother.

With Bromia’s help she discovers the mystical City of Juna, located through the ancient Burren Mountains and learns that ‘Graydens’, energy stealers, have now taken over Juna and are stealing all of the natural light.

Once in Juna, Phoenica meets Ollen, a proud protector from the Tree Guardians, known as the Nash. Emie, the wild and fearless Silkie leader, Sianna her Guardian Angel and Keenan her true love from Miron, a technological futuristic City.

Phoenica must try to unlock the hidden secrets from her past which connect her to Juna and its people, and as the light keeper and warrior overcome the negative Graydens, so harmony can reign once more in Juna.


TGIF everyone!!! Thank you for stopping by my post for the blog tour for Phoenica Rising: Keeper of Light (Book One)! Thank you to the author Caroline Quigley and Ravenswood Publishing for giving me the chance to read this book for an honest review!

Phoenica Rising is the first book of what I think is a cute and interesting fantasy series. It is about a young girl whose twenty-first birthday is approaching. As her birthdays go by, she develops powers adding new ones each seven years. She soon comes to find that this isn’t the only strange thing in her world when her beloved grandma comes clean that she is actually from another land called Juna where the people are the people of light and possess healing powers. As Phoenica discovers her heritage so too does she discover the dark powers that threaten her people, as well as Earth and she also discovers her full potential.

This book was a very light read, definitely readable in one sitting. I thought that the story was interesting and simple. There were a few characters I liked but I would have liked to get a deeper feel into who they are although, since this is a series maybe I’ll get that in the next couple of books. I liked Phoenica but I didn’t really feel too connected with her and I felt like her character seemed much younger than twenty-one.

I think my favorite character in the story and one that I really want to learn more about is Keenan. His land and people just sound super interesting and I’m hoping to learn more about them in the next book which from the ending it sounds like they might play a bigger role in the next book. One thing I am also very interested in is learning more about the landscape of the Burren, Juna and Miron! These places seem really magical, lush and beautiful.

I ended up giving this book three stars because I definitely liked the story but I had character and world building problems. It really was almost at a four for me, I just would have liked more but there was enough to keep me interested in the story. I feel like this book is a good intro to fantasy for young teens wanting to venture into the fantasy genre and needing somewhere to start. I definitely want to see where the author is going to take the story and would like to read the second book in this series. I’ve heard wonderful things about her other works as well so I may be looking into those in the near future!


CQCaroline is an Irish writer, a left hander and a twin (twin sister); she lives in the West of Ireland in the beautiful Burren region with her husband Eoghan and her two cats Parker and Harvey. Caroline is also a natural intuitive, holistic healer, with a strong connection to the Angelic realm, spiritual guides, ancestors and Mother Nature.

In the 1990’s, she studied acting and attended the Academy Drama School in London and the Lee Strasberg Studio, she studied film making at film base in the IFC, (Irish film centre) and directed a short film and several small documentaries in Dublin. Caroline ran her own theatre and film company Trapdoor Productions in Dublin, Ireland, in the late 1990’s.

After a significant personal healing she moved into the mind body and spirit field and studied spiritual and angel healing, holistic medicine, meditation and flower remedies, setting up as a private therapist, holistic practitioner, intuitive and angel healer, while also conducting workshops, seminars and classes.

In 2008 Caroline started writing and wrote An Angel Calling, her first book, a universal meditation and angel story book that was published in 2011, which has sold very well. She has also written two correspondence accredited diploma courses, Angel Healing and Celtic Angels, for the BSY College Group in the UK.

Caroline has written a book of adult fictional short stories called Eala’s Journey set in the West of Ireland and a young children’s picture book called Florie’s Angel.

Pheonica Rising (keeper of light) is Caroline’s first teen, young adult, fantasy, adventure novel, and is also part of a trilogy series. Phoenica Rising was inspired by the beautiful, magical, Burren landscape.

Caroline loves all that is mystical, inspirational, creative and positive, and is also a nature and animal lover.

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