Blog Tour Book Review: Happily Ever After High School by Savannah Ostler

HEAHS1Title: Happily Ever After High School by Savannah Ostler
Genre:  YA – Fantasy/Clean Teen
Publisher: Mythos Press
Page count: 355
Format: EPUB
Publication Date: January 16, 2015
Rating – 4/5 – I really liked it!

Seventeen year old Albany French wants nothing more than to find her very own happily ever after. She dreams of finding her fairy godmother, going to the ball, and being swept away by a Prince. Much to her dismay, her life is no fairy tale. Albany is just a typical, all American girl who attends an overly crowded public high school.

An untimely tragedy leaves Albany desperate for a new life.

She seeks comfort in her eccentric grandmother, Greta. Not only does Greta welcome Albany into her home with open arms, but she transfers Albany to a new school.

But… this new school is not your average high school. This is… Happily Ever After High, the enchanting high school that hosts hundreds of magical, fairytale students.

Albany is about to begin the journey of a lifetime… as she discovers who she really is, where her family came from, falls in love for the first time, and embarks on a quest to fulfill a prophecy that has been passed on for ages.

Welcome to Happily Ever After High.


Hello and welcome to stop on the tour for Happily Ever After High School. Thank you to Savannah Ostler and Ravenswood Publishing for letting me participate and read this book for an honest review!

Happily Ever After High School was a really cute, fun story about a girl named Albany who is fed up with her life both at home and at school and prefers to lose herself in the world of fairy tales. When her father dies suddenly, she is sent to live with her grandmother and begins her senior year at a new schol HEAHS which she soon finds out stands for Happily Ever After High School. Right when she enters the school she knows that this is where she is supposed to be. It is a place where fairy tales come alive and where Albany finds herself not only in true love but she also finds herself thrust into the shoes of a heroine.

Happily Ever After High School was a super cute story and a fun light read. I really like the play on words there with the title, the school and the ending of the book. I ended up giving the book a 4 star review which means that I really liked it. I found it an enjoyable story, I think the plot was a good one but I just couldn’t get past my problems with Albany. To me she seems alot younger than seventeen by the way she talks and acts, I would guess fifteen at least. I started getting into the book about midway, I feel like at that point the writing takes a different turn. At the beginning there were alot of clipped sentences but I love that in some books and in others it’s hard to get past. I also didn’t really get into the narrative flow at first, it seems more like Albany’s journal which makes sense to me at the end of the book when we find that she is definitely telling us a story but even then it feels like a story that’s rather than being written for us, is being told to us in person. I think this is due to the asides that come every once in awhile. I really did like how her wanting to write came to fruition at the end of the book when we realize that the book we have in our hands is the fruit of the conversation between her and Ben. That was really cool.

I also loved that Albany wasn’t a typical fit-in-with-the-princesses main character and that she didn’t fall for the stereotypical handsome prince. I liked that the princesses were snobs which when you think about it they probably would be if we knew them in real life (maybe). Cinderella is my favorite fairy tale and I really wanted to punch her descendant in the face for literally, all of this book which was interesting!

This book also had elements that I think should be in most fantasies like dragons, swords, magic, intrigue, romance, and all manner of fantastical creatures like centaurs and unicorns. One thing I can definitely say that I liked alot is that it wasn’t ever predictable which was really great. I really wished though that the fight scene between Albany, Ben and the Dragon had been longer, that it taken Albany and Ben just a little bit longer to fall in love and that the book was longer! I think that would have kicked it up to my loving it even more. Overall this book was a good read…a cute and quirky YA Fantasy title that may serve as a really good introduction to fantasy romance for a teen interested in the genre. If there is a second one, I would read it.


Savannah_Ostler-picSavannah Ostler was born in a small town in the state of Utah. She has always enjoyed many different forms of the arts. It was from her love of the stage that she decided to attend East Hollywood High, a film school in Salt Lake City.

In addition to acting, Savannah is also a singer, having produced and released three original pop singles, as well as performing at the world famous House of Blues in West Hollywood.

Although Savannah has a passion for performing, her first love is, and has always been writing. She has been writing ever since she learned how to read and write. She enjoys many different forms of writing; poetry, lyrics,fiction, and screenplays. Savannah finds inspiration for her stories from many different outlets, including her own personal life experiences.

Miss Ostler can be classified as a determined day dreamer. When she is not buried in her laptop writing, Savannah can be found at Disneyland, living out all of her fairytale dreams



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