Book Review: Veganish by Mielle Chenier-Cowan Rose

51GNHRvHXjL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Title: Veganish by Mielle Chenier-Cowan Rose
Genre: Cookbook
Publisher: Viva Editions
Page count: 240
Format: PDF (Edelweiss)
Publication Date: October 14, 2014
Rating – 5/5

Tens of thousands of people have put down their knives in favor of a vegan or vegetarian diet for weight loss or to control blood pressure and cholesterol. Many people got exactly what they were looking for, along with a few surprises, such as loss of bone density and dental issues. Mielle Chenier-Cowan Rose has experienced much the same in her journey as a vegan chef raising her child vegan. This utterly unique “vegan +” cookbook offers over 100 easy-to-make vegan recipes and many basic methods and cooking techniques, as well as advanced options. A trained chef, Mielle Chenier-Cowan Rose also offers sage advice about food and nutrition, along with her personal story about transitioning from a 20-year long vegetarian diet to eating some animal-based foods. Chenier-Cowan Rose has dedicated herself to making sure vegan and vegetarian folks are aware of vital and important information about the vegan diet, including the nutritional elements that are essential to good health, especially for families and children. Veganish is necessary reading for anybody considering this lifestyle and a must-have for veggie families with children.


I received a copy of Veganish from the publisher through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review! Thank you to the author Mielle Chenier-Cowan Rose and the publisher Viva Editions!

As an ethical vegan there are definitely things said in this book that I do not agree with by any means at all but the book is called Veganish so I should have grasped that the ish part was literal. There is a lot of good “clean eating” information here for an omnivore but if you’re exclusively an herbivore this book may not be the absolute best book for you but do keep in mind that these recipes are really great plant based recipes and there may be some information in here that you may find useful. The author does preface this in her introduction by saying “If you already follow a Vegan diet, you’re going to love my recipes, but you may not like my story.” That’s pretty accurate but I do appreciate the information the author includes on factory farming and farming practices, as well as other subjects like GMOs and Organic foods.

This book did teach me a little about nutrition and vitamins regarding which ones vegans should be sure to include in their diets that resonates with what I’ve read in other Vegan centric books like Vegan For Her. I do like how the author did mention that cashews and other nuts can be used to make yummy cheeses. I wholeheartedly agree with this. Some of my favorites are Chao coconut milk cheese and Treeline Treenut Cheese and you can also make your own. I also liked that the author called to attention the fact that such phrases as free-range, cage free and naturally raised are misleading. I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of times people always offer the sentence, “well I only eat cage free eggs” or “I only eat grass fed beef” with the belief that these animals are allowed to happily wander acre after acre of beautiful farmland soaking in the sun’s rays which is totally not the case.

There are also some really good cooking and grocery shopping tips in this book that I found really helpful. This book also taught me the differences (and in some cases harmfulness) in different types of cookware and food storage items. These are things that I had never really considered before.

I did check all the recipes and they are technically Vegan. The only reason I say technically is because the recipes sometimes allude to nonvegan items you can use like honey or organic feta. If you are Vegan though you know that you can use Beeless Honey or Agave Nectar and Vegan Feta crumbles. I think an omnivore would do good with this cookbook if they are trying to approach a healthier lifestyle or are veg curious. Also this is a good transitioning cookbook that I wish I had when I was transitioning.

I tried a few of the salad dressings and they were absolutely delicious. I’m a big fan of Vinaigrettes so my favorite was actually the “Follow Your Heart Vinaigrette” on page 52. I tried it with a few different vinegars and the result for each was different and amazing. There is a handy dandy reference guide at the bottom of the page that describes the flavoring of the different vinegars so accurately. I had also been looking for a good Pesto to try out and the Parsley-Almond pesto on page 60 was magnificent.

My favorite recipe of all was the Spicy Roasted Cauliflower on page 105…it was most delicious and offered the right amount of flavor and spiciness. It was so yummy. I did opt to garnish with the nut parm and it really did make such a difference. One thing I want to try so bad that I haven’t gotten to is the Chicken Fried Tofu. Reading over the recipe, it sounds like it will turn out deliciously.

I’m a huge fan of Lemon and Lime flavors so I tried the Lemon Cashew Cheesecake on page 174 and that has fast become one of my favorite desserts. I’m not Raw Vegan but I do like to eat Raw Vegan desserts and this one is deliciously tangy and pretty easy to make. At some point I will get up the courage to try the Heavenly Chocolate Cake. I’m usually not much of a baker but I will try just for this cake. I’m hoping to make it for my 1 year Veganniversary which just so happens to also be my birthday!

I do definitely recommend this book to veg curious omnivores, transitioning vegans and even experienced vegans looking for some good recipes to try. The ones that I have tried so far came out really well. I usually steer clear from cookbooks that don’t have any pictures just because I’m still so new to the cooking game and I get anxiety that anything I make will suck (even with detailed instructions lol) but I had a lot of luck with these recipes turning out what I imagine they are supposed to be. Although there were things in this book that I did not agree with, there is a good amount of health information as well as information about why vegans choose to live compassionately coming from an animal rights focus. That said, the book is definitely Veganish so if you are Vegan for the animals  keep in mind that you will see ingredients in the *optional* section that would make the food not vegan but there are Vegan subsitutes for everything! I gave this book five stars because I do feel that it holds helpful information and also has some really great recipes for vegans and nonvegans alike (and if this books helps someone go Vegan, right on!). I will be adding this book to my cookbook collection!

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