Blog Tour Book Review: An Uncomplicated Life by Paul Daugherty

An Uncomplicated LifeAbout An Uncomplicated Life

• Hardcover: 384 pages
Publisher: William Morrow (March 17, 2015)

A father’s exhilarating and funny love letter to his daughter with Down syndrome whose vibrant and infectious approach to life has something to teach all of us about how we can better live our own. Jillian Daugherty was born with Down syndrome. The day they brought her home from the hospital, her parents, Paul and Kerry, were flooded with worry and uncertainty, but also overwhelming love, which they channeled to “the job of building the better Jillian.” While their daughter had special needs, they refused to allow her to grow up needy—“Expect, Don’t Accept” became their mantra. Little did they know how ready Jillian was to meet their challenge.

Paul tells stories from Jillian’s mischievous childhood and moves to her early adulthood, tracing her journey to find happiness and purpose in her adult life, sharing endearing anecdotes as well as stories about her inspiring triumphs. Having graduated from high school and college, Jillian now works to support herself, and has met the love of her life and her husband-to-be, Ryan.

In An Uncomplicated Life, the parent learns as much about life from the child as the child does from the parent. Through her unmitigated love for others, her sparkling charisma, and her boundless capacity for joy, Jillian has inspired those around her to live better and more fully. The day Jillian was born, Paul says, was the last bad day. As he lovingly writes, “Jillian is a soul map of our best intentions”—a model of grace, boundless joy, and love for all of us.

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Welcome to my stop on the tour for An Uncomplicated Life! Thank you to the author and TLC book yours for letting me read this book for review!

An Uncomplicated Life is a memoir that is written by a father about his daughter who was born with Down Syndrome. It is a beautiful memoir that reads like a fathers love letter to his daughter.

I was really excited to read this book and I ended up loving it. Reading about Jillian made me feel a lot of things! This book made me smile and laugh. I love how Jillians parents approached her life from the start with not wanting to set limitations for her life but working hard to give Jillian every opportunity they could. An immense amount of love is evident through the telling of Jillian’s story, not only from  how her family loves her but also from how Jillian loves them and how she loves life. She sounds absolutely amazing and super funny. I’m really grateful that her father has shared the story of their family with us, I feel that my life has been touched just by reading about Jillian which is powerful!

This book is beautiful, warm, funny and even sometimes sad but mostly just beautiful and inspiring. A beautiful testament to the beautiful character of a girl named Jillian without whom I’m sure the world would be a far more dreary place. Awesome book, five stars!


Paul DaughertyAbout Paul Daugherty

Paul Daugherty has been a sports columnist for the Cincinnati Enquirer since 1994. He has covered nearly every major American sporting event, as well as five Summer Olympic Games. He is the author of Fair Game, a collection of his sports columns, and coauthor of books with Chad Johnson and Johnny Bench. He blogs daily at The Morning Line on He lives in Loveland, Ohio, with his wife, Kerry.

Connect with Paul on Facebook and Twitter.

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