Blog Tour Book Review – The Forgetting Place: A Novel by John Burley

The Forgetting PlaceTitle: The Forgetting Place: A Novel by John Burley
Genre: Fiction/Thriller
Publisher: William Marrow, an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers
Page count: 341
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: February 10, 2015
Rating – 5/5

A female psychiatrist at a state mental hospital finds herself at the center of a shadowy conspiracy in this dark and twisting tale of psychological suspense from the author of The Absence of Mercy

Menaker State Hospital is a curse, a refuge, a prison, a necessity, a nightmare, a salvation.

When Dr. Lise Shields arrived at the correctional psychiatric facility five years ago, she was warned that many of its patients-committed by Maryland’s judicial system for perpetrating heinous crimes-would never leave.

But what happens when a place like Menaker is corrupted, when it becomes a tool to silence the innocent, conceal an injustice, contain a secret? Why is it that the newest patient does not seem to belong there, that the hospital administrator has fallen silent, and that Lise is being watched by two men with seemingly lethal intent? The answers are closer than she realizes and could cost her everything she holds dear.

In this chilling follow-up to The Absence of Mercy, author John Burley—a master at medical and psychological detail—showcases the many ways in which the dangers of the outside world pale in comparison to the horrors of the human mind. (Goodreads)


Happy Wednesday and welcome to my stop on the blog tour for The Forgetting Place: A Novel. Thank you to both TLC Book Tours and John Burley for giving me the chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review!

When I read the description for this book I was instantly excited to have a chance to read it since I’m not well read in the genre of psychological thrillers. I really enjoyed this book, I gave it a full five star rating. It is about Lise, a psychiatrist at a mental institution in Maryland who takes on a mysterious patient. While trying to forge a relationship with her patient and dig into his past she ends up uncovering secrets that reveal she is connected to him in a way she would never have expected.

The amount of detail in this book is awesome. When I first started reading it, I thought the story was uncovering rather slowly but taken as a whole I think it actually has the perfect pacing and detail for a story of it’s magnitude. It was absolutely essential for us to understand the full extent of the background of the story and it’s characters for it all to come crashing beautifully together towards the end of the book in ways I couldn’t have guessed. It was so good! I was surprised at where this story went and was at the edge of my seat for most of it. If you read this book, you won’t want to put it down!!

If you like psychological thrillers I would recommend this book to you, it’s a pretty fast read. You can purchase this book at :  Amazon, IndieBound, and Barnes & Noble and be sure to add it to your TBR list on  Goodreads.


John BurleyAbout the Author

John Burley grew up in Maryland near the Chesapeake Bay. He worked as a paramedic and volunteer firefighter before attending medical school in Chicago and completing an emergency medicine residency program at University of Maryland Medical Center and the R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore. His debut novel, THE ABSENCE OF MERCY, received the National Black Ribbon Award in recognition of an author who brings a fresh, new voice to suspense writing. His second novel, THE FORGETTING PLACE, is scheduled for release on February 10, 2015.

John continues to serve as an emergency department physician in northern California. He is hard at work on his next project.

You can connect with the author at his website, and  also on Facebook and Twitter.

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