Happy New Year!


Hello everyone! I just wanted to take a moment and wish everyone a Happy New Year! I always find the end of the year a little sad but then moments after I have that thought, I become hopeful and start looking forward to all the things a new year may bring. 2014 was bittersweet for me…a lot of really great things happened. I switched to a new role at my job that I love, I became Vegan which was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and met some pretty incredible, strong, compassionate people in doing so. I read a lot of great books and celebrated my fifth year of being married to an incredible man. But there were also some sad times like my grandpa passing away on December 26th after 91 years of a beautiful life.

Even though some things came to an end this year, I am looking forward to everything this new year may bring. My blogging resolutions this year are to keep up with my reading, which I think is more feasible this year due to my not having a heavy load at school this year (I am only needing to complete my thesis now!) Another resolution is to complete ALL of my reading challenges this year and read 100 books! My reading challenge page is going to live either tonight or tomorrow and I will keep that updated throughout the year! I will start reading my first book of 2015 tomorrow, I am still deciding on which to start with! I have quite a lot of ARC’s that have trickled in from publishers and authors for book tours/reviews and some that I have bought especially for some of my reading challenge reads that just happen to be books that have been on my TBR shelf for awhile! Can’t wait to share all of these with you.

As far as personal resolutions, I’d like to just grow in my commitment to animals…volunteer more at the animal sanctuary I just volunteered at in November. I’d like to make more Vegan friends, learn to cook more Vegan food and discover more products. I also want to just concentrate on my health…I am today far more healthier than I was at this moment a year ago. I’m happy about that. I would also like to finish one of the novels I have been working on and spend more time with my family and less time at work.

Anyway I hope you all of you have a wonderful new years eve and that all your wishes and dreams for this new year come true. Thanks for being with me another year and here’s to making 2015 awesome!

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