Blog Tour Book Review: Starshot Chronicles: Royal Pains by Brien O’Raigne

SCRP DigitalTitle: Starshot Chronicles: Royal Pains written by Brien O’Raigne
Genre: YA Science Fiction
Publisher: Mythos Press
Page count: 185
Format: Ebook
Rating – 3/5

Douglas and Querilla spend the day
together in harmony. But that is not to be. The
princess gets abducted. Douglas has to save her.
That is only the beginning of a journey that takes
them to other planets and finding out familial

Meanwhile, a revolution is happening on Varia where the Varians are
trying to free themselves from the tyranny of the Coaltion.

Note: I meant to have this posted on the 10th but my computer has died on me and I finally got the chance to be around a computer though not for long! Hopefully I will get my computer up and running and be able to post! Sorry!!

Hello everyone and welcome to my stop on the blog tour for The Starshot Chronicles: Royal Pains. I’d like to thank the author as well as Ravenswood Publishing for allowing me to read and review this book.

This story was a fun romp through space. I had fun with the actual plot of the book and there are a slew of interesting characters that were fun to read about. I do love that the author has created all these different alien races and occupations. I didn’t really like Querilla’s character too much but I loved Douglas Harley. He was like this courageous space maverick that charges in to get his girl. *swoon* I thought this book was really action packed which I liked a lot and the story was very interesting. I’m interested in reading more about the characters themselves and obviously of seeing more of Querilla and Douglas’ romance. I also would like to know more about Douglas’ history as he is the most interesting character to me.

While I liked the actual plot, it was a bit hard to get through due to the many grammatical errors in it. I’m not an editor and I make a ton of mistakes in my everyday writing but there seemed to be a bit too many. Also the descriptions were a little over the top and repeated a lot so that felt a bit weird when reading it. That aside, I thought it was an entertaining read. I like the whole bounty hunter space opera feel. I gave this book three stars because I liked the story and the cast of characters but found it a little hard to read.

About the Author

downloadMy name is Brien O’Raighne and I hail from
Houston, Texas. I love to write. It is a passion of
mine. Some would say an obsession, but those
don’t really support me when they call it an
My writing usually combines my influences of
Epic Fantasy, Sci-Fi Sagas, Paranormal, Classic
Horror monsters, Superheroes and more. With
what I like movie wise it would be hard for most
people to understand some of my major influences in writing.
My influences include: J.K. Rowling, E.B. White, Homer, William
Shakespeare, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Chris Claremont, Lara Hama,
Margaret Weis, Tracey Hickman, J Michael Strasczynski, Todd
McFarlane, Scott Lobdell, Timothy Zahn, Roald Dahl, amongst others.

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