Blog Tour Book Review: Memory Card Full by Liz Weber

Memory Card FullTitle: Memory Card Full written Liz Weber
Genre: Memoir
Publisher: Greenpoint Press
Page count: 232
Format: Paperback
Rating – 5/5


Liz Weber’s life was far from dull. Whether serving drinks to a gaggle of quirky regulars at a bar or walking around in her skivvies for extra cash, she fought hard to remain a self- proclaimed “professional free spirit” and aspiring writer, even if it meant enduring a lush for a manager or a cranky, Israeli-folk-music-loving boss. None of it really mattered as long as she had Rufus, her oddly proportioned dog who taught her about unconditional love in an untraditional way, at her side. When Rufus dies, Liz is forced to let go of the one constant in her life and move forward without him. Alone and brokenhearted, her life spirals downward while her friends and family struggle to understand how to help her through. The journey to right herself leads her to an unexpected encounter where the long unheard voice of the woman inside makes its debut. And it is on water skis at an adult sleepaway camp that Liz learns there are important things in life that Rufus’ love had caused her to avoid. Embracing her power and strength and finally letting go of him is the best way to go on. Memory Card Full is a frank, funny, and deeply moving memoir, a book for anyone who has loved and lost and found the space in that loss to become the person they were meant to be. Liz Weber is a freelance writer living in Brooklyn whose work has appeared on national websites such as, Apartmenttherapy. com and She’s been a regular contributor for lifestyle website and and has doled out dating advice to the urban female set on the popular website


Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Memory Card Full! I’d like to thank TLC Book Tours and Liz Weber for giving me the chance to read and review this book!
Memory Card Full is a memoir about a young woman, Liz who is trying to figure her life out. She is a bartender/writer/model with a busy, hectic sort of life whose balance is found in her dog Rufus…her constant companion for twelve years. As Rufus gets older, Liz is confronted the mortality of her best friend and ultimately with herself.

When I was younger, I used to adamantly refuse to read memoirs and nonfiction books but when I entered college and got more exposure to the genre I decided that I absolutely love memoirs. When a memoir is well written it can be interesting to catch a glimpse into someone’s life and take to heart the lessons they have learned through time and experience. When I read that this book involved a dog, I knew that this would be an emotional ride for me but I had to read it. Being a fur mommy myself, especially one who will start crying at the mention of my dog’s someday passing which I know is inevitable but really hard to bear all the same, this was hard for me to read at times but I loved it. Honestly, I started crying during the Prologue so at that point I was like, here we go!

I really loved this book. I felt like it could have been so much sadder in the hands of another writer but I’m glad that it wasn’t because I don’t know if I could have gotten through it (I’m exaggerating, I’m a completionist so I would have). I can totally relate to everything Liz went through in the months leading up to Rufus’ passing and the inner struggle she felt in trying to figure out when he was ready to go because putting myself in that position I don’t know what I would do…it’s like you care so much about them you don’t want them to suffer but you also want to be selfish and keep them in  your life when you know you can’t. I totally get the wanting to curl up in bed and just wallow after his passing, honestly when I think of that dark day in the future that I know I will have to face I feel like I’m going to die and not know what to do with myself because my dog is with me like 98% of the time since I work at home and am pretty much an extreme introvert.

But I loved that this book wasn’t 100% about Rufus’ passing. I love that it’s about Liz and her journey to becoming Liz..her journey to being okay on her own and finding out what makes her happy. I love that she points out a few times throughout the book that Rufus would want her to move on and want her to have fun, a lesson I think all of us dog owners need to learn and understand in the aftermath of our loved ones passing. Although it’s not a fun subject for me, I think having read this book would help me through the process, and help me to handle it a little better (hopefully a day that is a long time away).

So while it was sad for me to read and I cried multiple times, this was a really really good memoir – heartbreaking at times but also funny and lighthearted. I felt like Liz was my best friend and we were sitting on my couch talking.

If you are a fan of memoirs or have a furry companion, I recommend reading this book. I loved it and gave it a very deserved five star rating!


Liz Weber apAbout the Author

Liz Weber is a freelance writer living in Brooklyn. Her work has appeared online at Narratively, and Apartment Therapy. When she is not contributing to lifestyle websites, including Citypath and Bored and Thirsty or doling out dating advice to the urban female set on the popular website The Fat White Guy, she’s blogging about her past as a children’s party performer (she makes a mean balloon sword) and the time she drove her moped through a souvenir stand in Mexico. Her short story about working in a male strip club for women was featured in the 2009 Staten Island Arts Festival.

You can find her on her website:



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