Blog Tour Book Review: Along Temptation’s Edge by Nik August

Title: Along Temptation’s Edge AKKADIA written Nik August
Genre: Fantasy – Romance
Publisher: Libertine Press
Page count: 309
Format: Ebook (read on Microsoft Surface Nook App)
Rating – 4/5
A sleepy Hamlet on the east end of Long Island… A peaceful
playground, but what lies beneath may change human civilization, even human
evolution… Forever.
Danny, a self-centered playboy, has finally fallen in
love. Or, is he an unwitting pawn in the young woman’s quest to save her
ancient, secret world. How can he be sure of her motives, when even his own
memories are suspect?
Danny, his best friend, Aaron, and Aaron’s girlfriend,
Sarah, get caught up in a tangled web of sexual pleasure and deceit, as they
try to save another society from impending extinction.
 During Danny’s misadventure, many will seek to destroy
him. Others will give up their home world to help him. Yet, will they pay the
ultimate price? A war is imminent, but how can the human race defend themselves
from an unknown enemy?

Hello and welcome to my stop on the Blog Tour for Along Temptation’s Edge AKKADIA written by Nik August. A big thank you to Nik August and Libertine Press for allowing me to read and review this book!

Along Temptation’s Edge is a fantasy story with a strong romance element. It centers around Ilmartutar and Danny, two unlikely people who find themselves in the middle of a Romeo & Juliet type story – except far more sexy and imaginative. Theirs is an unlikely romance due to the fact that Ilmar is not human but who comes from a race of people that dwell, secretly, within the Earth. Aside from this romance are other small romances throughout the book, as well as the problem Ilmar’s people have of keeping their existence a secret from humans while humans are trying to unravel mysteries that may lead them to discover the hidden race!

As you can see, there is a lot happening in this book which resulted in my literally devouring the book. I really liked this book and I had so much fun reading it. It’s one of those “just like candy” books where I can’t put it down because I’m enjoying reading it so much, the story was so interesting and fun. I really liked learning about Ilmar and her people, their politics and customs. I loved seeing her people go to the surface and attempt to interact with humans, overall I just really liked reading about the relationships between the characters and seeing those develop throughout the book.

The only thing I didn’t like about it is there are a lot of spelling and grammar errors but I liked reading the story so much that this is one of those books that I didn’t really care so much. Sometimes if I’m not enjoying the book as much as I did this one, that kind of thing can irk me, but it wasn’t so with this book. One thing I can definitely tell you is this book is definitely very sexy, which was a good thing! I don’t read very many romances that have a ton of sexy times but I was glad this one did and it happens to be a pretty central focus of the story as well since it’s part of the conflicts between humans and Akkadians.

All in all, I liked reading this book very much! It was a great, fast and entertaining read. I can see it turning into a sexy, yet funny and dramatic film one day and I would be more than willing to read another book set in this world! Fans of fantasy romance may enjoy this book as much as I did!



Feet on the ground, head in the stars.
The first child of very talented parents, Nik spent
the formative years at an advertising agency in Manhattan, along side a father
who allowed and encouraged creative expression. With an affinity for
illustration, Nik spent hours immersed in any form of artistic conduct. Whether
writing and preforming short plays for the family as a child, or memorizing
movie dialog and old radio shows, Nik found imagination could be enhanced
within the pages of books.
Science Fiction held so much mystery and
possibilities,. Nik read and read, until the desire to create the fantasy
worlds became a driving force. Nik created over 40 comic book characters, then
wrote and illustrated 4 original comic books. Some of Nik’s comic characters
were published in a local magazine. Nik’s recent novel writing is a course
change. While writing has been a part of the work throughout Nik’s life, it has
now become a focus. Look for Nik’s work of insane wine infused ramblings in the

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