Book Review: The Wakers (Volume 1) by Susan G. North

tumblr_n4q25p7vhc1r2p50go1_400Title: The Wakers (Volume 1) written by Susan G. North
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Create Space Publishing
Page count: 190
Format: Ebook (read on Kindle app for Microsoft Surface)
Rating – 5/5

Animals are not what they seem. They are spirits hiding in flesh and blood form; the prototypes for our angels and demons. They are about to show themselves to us. The Animals are split into two factions: those who believe that people are advanced enough to accept them, to learn from them, and to live alongside them; and those who are furious about the way people have treated Animals. The aim of the second faction is to dominate and punish humans. Some people sense that what happens to them is not just connected to their treatment of other people, but also of animals. They do not agree that humankind’s rank as the top primate gives people the right to eat, use, and torture their innocent, vulnerable companions on this planet. Animals have already unveiled themselves to a few of those lucky people. In the Animal kingdom lore, however, two children – the ‘Wakers’ – will be born, who will ‘wake up’ humanity to the true nature of animals. What happens to people will depend on which faction finds the two Wakers first.

When Susan, the author contacted me about her novel and informed me on the topic of it, I immediately knew I needed to read it. This book and author came to me at a time in my life where after struggling myself with coming to terms with my feelings about slaughterhouses and animal rights, I decided to stand by what I believe in and begin my own journey of becoming Vegetarian with the end goal of transitioning into Veganism. I don’t think it was a coincidence that led Susan to contact me about her book, I think it was just fate because I don’t even think Susan knew I had a blog where I reviewed books we just happened to be in a lot of animal rights Facebook pages together…maybe it was the protector Deor that brought this book to me!

This story was so unique to me, it was definitely different as I have never before read a fiction story dealing with animals and the values of veganism. This first book of The Wakers really lays the foundation for what I think promises to be an intriguing and beautiful story. I really love the animal mythology that the author creates to form the basis for this story, it’s really interesting to explore the “creation” story centered around animals and the idea that they were these sort of bigger than life beings that the mother or “creator” made into flesh beings in order so that they were not “above” humans. I love that this book highlights the idea that we are supposed to share this world (even though they were here before us) instead of humans dominating and exploiting animals.

As I said above this book lays the foundation for the story and introduces us to mythology, the values and the characters…each of which is highly important to your understanding of the story. One thing I really enjoyed about this book is watching the story unfold through all of the characters and in figuring out how they are all related to one another and their roles in the conflict between the two factions of the Deor and their vision for/relationship with humanity. The author has taken these very real issues of our treatment and exploitation of animals and has woven them into a compelling and touching story. I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for the sequel. This is definitely one of those stories that can have a real impact on the world outside of it’s pages. It will stick with you in your mind and heart long after you have read the book and it makes you question your values. I gave it five stars because books that make such a lasting impression and lead us to question and improve ourselves are the best of books… I loved this book and I can’t wait to continue reading the story.

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