Book Review: John Golden: Freelance Debugger by Django Wexler

untitledTitle: John Golden: Freelance Debugger written by Django Wexler
Genre: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk
Publisher: Ragnarok Publications
Page count: Goodreads estimates it at 62 pages, my app made it 153 just really spaced out
Format: Epub (read on Microsoft Surface using Nook App) Rating – 5/5

John Golden is a debugger: he goes inside the computer systems of his corporate clients to exterminate the gremlins, sprites, and other fairies that take up residence. But when he gets a frantic call from Serpentine Systems, a top-of-the-line anti-fairy security company, John finds out he’s on much more than a simple smurf-punting expedition.

With the help of his sarcastic little sister Sarah (currently incarnated in the form of a Dell Inspiron) and a paranoid system administrator, John tackles Serpentine’s fairy problem. But the rabbit hole goes deeper than he thinks, and with the security of all of company’s clients in danger, there’s more at stake this time than John’s paycheck! (Goodreads)

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, thank  you to Ragnarok Publications!

I don’t read many novellas but when presented with the opportunity to read John Golden: Freelance Debugger, I couldn’t wait which really made me curse my backlog of books to read. When I was finally able to dig into this novella, I couldn’t put it down. Since it’s novella length, it will be a pretty fast read for just about anyone but I think it’s the perfect length also for someone that is no so keen on reading very long stories. But I think the reason I don’t read too many is because I immediately miss the characters once the novella is done.

These characters were awesome! I thought it was really great that this novella includes two distinct narratives – that of John which is our main character and Sarah. Sarah is especially intriguing to me since she is not a physical being in the story (although she once was), she is kind of like an A.I. but with Sarah Golden’s actual soul. If you game it sort of reminded me of a Master Chief and Cortana type scenario from Halo but with a brother and a sister. This narrative was so unique because we are not only getting John’s narrative but there are also endnotes included with Sarah’s perspective and responses. Both narratives are entwined together which made for a really interesting read and it was something that I rather enjoyed.

I had a blast reading this story. I loved the pacing of it even though I totally wish this was a full length novel because I feel like with this author’s skill it would be fantastic. With this story Django Wexler reminded me that I really need to dive deeper into the cyberpunk genre as I seem to enjoy every single book I read within it.

This story was interesting, fun, fast paced and original – all things that make me fall in love with a story. I hope to see a lot more of John and Sarah Golden in the future and am really interested in exploring more of this author’s work.

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