Book Review: The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (Inheritance Series #1) by N.K. Jemisin

The Hundred Thousand KingdomsTitle: The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (Inheritance Series #1) written by N.K. Jemisin
Genre: Fantasy
Published by Orbit (imprint of Hatchette Book Group)
Page count: 395
Format: Paperback
Rating: 5/5

Yeine Darr is an outcast from the barbarian north. But when her mother dies under mysterious circumstances, she is summoned to the majestic city of Sky. There, to her shock, Yeine is named an heiress to the king. But the throne of the Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is not easily won, and Yeine is thrust into a vicious power struggle with cousins she never knew she had. As she fights for her life, she draws ever closer to the secrets of her mother’s death and her family’s bloody history.

With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, Yeine will learn how perilous it can be when love and hate – and gods and mortals – are bound inseparably together. (Goodreads)

I read this book as part of Vaginal Fantasy Book Club’s main pick for this month (if you don’t know about Vaginal Fantasy cruise on over to the Goodreads club or click on the name above). I was excited to read this book because the cover is so gorgeous and the description screams at me as something that I would love to read, since as you know I am a fantasy fiend.

Right off the bat I didn’t fall in love the story. I actually found it to be a little confusing at first and for some reason I couldn’t really get a grip on the perspective of the story because, although the perspective is always Yeine’s perspective, it confused me on how the story was being delivered to us through Yeine. It switches from sounding like we’re observing the story from her perspective to her telling us the story but she’s actually talking to the entity residing in her body so that sort of got confusing for me at first. Aside from that, once I was able to wrap my head around that I became so engrossed in the story that I couldn’t put it down.

I feel like Yeine is such a strong female character, albeit she has her moments, but it was great to read a story where the female lead is just ballsy and powerful even though she doesn’t necessarily start off that way. I also thought that the matriarchal society she grew up in, the Darr, was really interesting I would love to learn more about that and I’m hoping that the rest of the series will satisfy that want for me. I really enjoyed the world building in this book, it’s definitely a book in which the detailed history of the peoples and the Gods interested me and I found myself wanting to learn more about it all. I got a great deal of information about the world and the people/entities that populate it from this book and I’m just looking forward to building on that in the subsequent books. I did go through a large part of the book in which I was just sad for Yeine because of her situation in the book regarding her life but this gets turned around in a way that I would never have expected and this part of the story was just so awesome and fulfilling.

Towards the middle of the story I really had no sense of where the story was going to go which was awesome. It ended going in a direction that I could never have guessed and even though I didn’t love the story at first when I closed the pages of this book I was in love with it. The conclusion of this book just totally did it for me, it was entirely satisfying but it also ended in possibility and I’m happy to see that this is the first book in a series because I will happily crack open the next book soon. Ahhh! I’ve been reading some wonderful books lately!!!

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