Book Review: When Shadows Fall (The Small Gods #1) by Bruce Blake

When Shadows FallTitle:  When Shadows Fall (The Small Gods #1) written by Bruce Blake
Genre: Fantasy
Published by Bruce Blake & Best Bitts Productions
Page count: 215
Format: Ebook (Read on Barnes and Noble HD+)
Rating: 5/5

A hundred hundred seasons have turned since the Goddess banished the Small Gods to the sky, leaving the land to mankind alone.

For Prince Teryk, life behind the castle walls is boring and uneventful until he stumbles upon an arcane scroll in a long-forgotten chamber. The parchment speaks of Small Gods, the fall of man, and the kingdom’s savior—the firstborn child of the rightful king. It’s his opportunity to prove himself to his father, the king, and assure his place in history. All he needs to do is find the man from across the sea—a man who can’t possibly exist—and save mankind.

But ancient magic has been put in motion by a mysterious cult determined to see the Small Gods reborn. Powerful forces clash, uncaring for the lives of mortals in their struggle to prevent the return of the banished ones, or aid in their rebirth.

Named in a prophecy or not, what chance does a cocky prince who barely understands the task laid before him stand in a battle with the gods? (Goodreads)

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review! When Shadows Fall is actually the second book I have read from Bruce Blake and I would be remiss if I did not mention that he is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. As you can see from some of the books I read I am a huge fantasy fan and both books I have read from him so far have been fantasy! I love the writing and the world building that I have encountered so far in his books, it’s easy to get lost in the stories…this is some great storytelling. When I read this book I felt like I was sitting in front of a fire being told this story by a bard or master storyteller of olden days. That’s definitely one of my most favorite things about books and authors like Mr. Blake, they have this wonderfully supernatural ability to wrap you up in their worlds and transport you to this other world. It’s positively addicting!

I absolutely enjoyed every minute of this book. If it hadn’t been for school taking me away from reading so much this semester I probably would have devoured this book in a day or probably even less than a day. It’s a light read and I can see it being a fast read due to the fact that I didn’t want to put it down whenever I got the time to read it. One thing that I REALLY loved about this book was receiving the story from such very different perspectives and towards the middle and end of the book I started to see these perspectives start coming together and overlap into each other which is so interesting to me! One of my favorite characters so far is Horace whom is a pirate except he is pretty bad at being one and hates it! His chapters are written in his  unique pirate-y voice that when I read it, the voice in my head just takes on this distinct, hoarse pirate voice and I feel like I’m watching a movie and can see him perfectly. I can see all these character’s perfectly and I’m anxious to see more of how all the perspectives fit together and what happens on the journey our hero/heroine have embarked on. I also must say that the names of these characters are fantastic!

I am happy to say that this is the first book in what I am thinking is going to be a wonderful fantasy series. It has everything a good fantasy novel should have magic, intrigue, an epic journey, myth, and struggle. I didn’t want it to end where it did and I have so many questions but they’re basically just rooted in my dying to know what happens next.  I cannot wait for more. Definitely read this book and I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did!

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