Blog Tour Book Review: Awaken by Jamie Guerard!

Synopsis via Goodreads:
Three things run through my mind at this very moment…
ONE, my life as I once knew it will never be the same.
TWO, the person I’m in love with might not even exist.
THREE, the deception that has unfolded before me has the power of life and death.
Sixteen year old, Breanna Davis, has heard the saying; life isn’t always what it seems…well, that saying rings true now more than ever. As horrifying visions appear before her, revealing tragedies that will forever change the fate of those she loves, she realizes that she may be the only person who can stop them from becoming reality. 
Amongst the chaos of this new discovery, Bre is faced with a stranger, Eve, who moves in on Bre’s friends and begins to follow her every move. As Eve’s true motives begin to surface, Bre must fight against, not only the visions, but the dangers Eve holds close. 
There is another secret kept- Collin, a boy held captive in Bre’s dreams, the boy she is secretly falling in love with but isn’t sure he even exists. As she tries to make it work with Austin, an old friend who could possibly be more, Bre battles against her feelings for Collin. 
Bre is faced with an almost impossible decision, to choose her life or follow her destiny. If she doesn’t intercede, people will certainly die. If she does, her own life could be at stake. In the end, if she fails, she’ll lose everything.
Released: March 2013
Purchase: Amazon
About the Author

Jaime grew up in a small town in Northern California. Having a passion for dance and music, she never would have thought herself to become an author.
In late 2008, Jaime found the pieces of her novel beginning to take form and a story was born. Soon she had a full novel in her hands and a writer was developed. Awaken is Jaime’s first published novel. With many features still in the works, this debut novel is just a taste of the action-packed romantic thrillers to come from this aspiring new author.
Jaime now lives in Nevada with her husband and three boys. Loving life, and living a dream.

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Hello all! Welcome to my stop on the Awaken by Jamie Guerard Blog Tour! I am really  happy to have been able to take part in this blog tour and would like to thank both Jamie Guerard and Shane Morgan for allowing me to be part of it!

I loved Awaken! I was really excited to read it because the synopsis just sounded so different from anything I’ve read lately (plus I love me some good YA books!).

One of the things that first captured me about the story was the main character Bre (super cute name by the way). I really liked her as a character right from the start. She is one of those great characters that you instantly like and is very relatable and real. I think this is really great because it made me feel like I was experiencing this story as Breanna and not just reading it from the outside looking in which is something that not every author can do so it’s great when I find a book that is like that.

The story itself was awesome. There is so much going on and so many different aspects to the story that it never fails to be interesting. I was on the edge of my seat for most of this book and once I got reading it was really hard to put this book down because I just had to know what happened next. Another thing that I really enjoyed about this book that makes it really stand out in a crowd is that it is NEVER predictable which is awesome!

I love also the romantic elements in the story and how well they are worked into the main plot. As a reader, I just felt so torn along with Bre. Sometimes when there is a love triangle I am just so sure of who I want the character to pick and I think Bre has some really great choices so I hurt alongside her which is really surprising in a good way! One thing I liked looking into during my read of this book were the relationships. I think the relationship dynamics between characters are so interesting in this book! Not only the love triangle aspect of it (which is super interesting and had me just swooning, heartbroken and happy at different moments of the story) but also to the mother/daughter, father/daughter, best friends and frenemy relationships too it was all so interesting.

The story just flows really nicely and the timing of it is perfect. It’s not a light read, I consider a light read to be under 200ish pages and Awaken sits at over 300 which is great for this book. It’s definitely a good thing because it’s so interesting and once again, the pacing is perfect. Sometimes when I am reading a long book that I’m not super invested in I catch myself looking forward to the ending (which is not too often but it does happen) and I NEVER once caught myself doing this during Awaken.

I have some unanswered questions about the story but I’m sure it was designed this way because yes everyone this is the first book in a series, yay! This is one of the books where I don’t mind at all about having unresolved questions because the story is so good and we are promised more story especially with that awesome ending! The ending is a total cliffhanger which if you’re already at the edge of your seat you will absolutely fall over! It was brilliant and the ending was crazy!!!

Lastly, I did want to mention the cover because I love the cover to Awaken. I think this cover is just so perfect for the book. I especially love that it shows the roman numerals around her pupil illustrating the race against time which is so exciting and heart pumping in the book. The color scheme is really beautiful as well with the contrast of colors, the brightness of the yellow against the muted colors is shocking and breathtaking. Definitely an attention catcher!

I, like I’m sure most of you will also, will definitely be waiting to read the second book because I absolutely need to know what happens next! I gave Awaken a 5 out of 5 rating because that’s how much I enjoyed the story and how much it kept me interested in the story from the very first page to the very last sentence. This is definitely a great read and I recommend picking it up especially for fans of YA Paranormal!

Favorite Quote from Awaken: “He was like an addiction to sweets; no matter how bad they were for me or how hard I tried to stop eating them, the craving returned, that much stronger, overriding all sense of reasoning and will.” H-O-T, hot!

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