Poison Princess (The Arcana Chronicles #1) by Kresley Cole

Title: Poison Princess written by Kresley Cole
Genre: YA Fiction, Post Apocalyptic Fiction, YA Paranormal
Published by Simon & Shuster
Page count:352
Format: Ebook (read on Barnes and Nobles HD+)
Rating: 3/5 – liked this book!
Goodreads 2013 Reading Challenge #25

Sixteen year old Evie seems like just your normal sixteen year old girl with her expensive brand name clothes, good looking all American football star boyfriend and “mean girl” friends. But Evie also has a secret…she is far from normal. Having spent the last few months in a mental institution, Evie is on a mission to show her mother and her friends that she is back to normal. Only she isn’t. She still see’s terrible visions that make the fabled stories of the rapture seem mild and she still hears the voices that have plagued her for a very long time, almost to the point of making her really go crazy. As the voices and the visions begin to worsen Evie realizes that she is special. She holds a power within her that allows her to manipulate plants and has claws that drip poison. She is literally the monster of her own nightmares and she struggles to come to grips with this. To complicate things further, she also finds herself annoyingly drawn to the dangerously handsome boy from the wrong side of the tracks. When the world as they know it ends and they find themselves living in a dangerous, post-apocalyptic world their feelings for each other erupt as do Evie’s powers. Nothing makes sense anymore and all Evie can think about (besides Jackson) is finding her grandmother who may be able to explain why Evie and other kids she encounters (who are coincidentally the voices in her head) have the powers they do and how they are tied to her grandmother’s Tarot card deck. Most importantly, maybe her grandmother can provide an answer for the biggest question of all…what happens next?

I read this book for the May pick for Vaginal Fantasy book club, can’t wait for the hangout for this month. I read a lot of YA post-apocalyptic and I usually really like them so I was pretty optimistic going into this story. I didn’t love this book but I did like it. I thought the premise was really interesting and really creative. I like how the author used the tarot deck as a major vehicle in her story, tying the cards in the deck to a person and power. That was super interesting to me, I haven’t read anything like that before which was really refreshing and original. At first I thought Evie’s powers were pretty lame but she gets really awesome towards the end of the book and I found myself really liking her powers at that point. Although if I had to pick my own superpower I still wouldn’t choose to be able to command plant life or grow plant life or any of Evie’s powers.

I didn’t really like Evie as a character first off but I did find everything that was happening to her really intriguing and that really kept my interest in the book, I found it really hard to put down because I had to know what happened next especially with her and Jackson. I really like the romantic tension about their situation. I dig the whole rich, good girl – dangerous boy from the wrong side of the tracks dynamic and I REALLY love imagining his accent. I think the author does a good job of creating his accent for us in the way she speaks through him in the story. It’s always great to have that bad boy element in a story but it does seem like the romance is just sort of thrown in there really randomly. I would have liked it to be more seamless, if that makes any sense. It being YA, there wasn’t a lot of sexy times in this book although I have read quite a few YA novels that have a lot more in the sexy department. I love the cover too although I pictured Jackson with slightly longer, disheveled hair and lots of stubble. On the cover Evie

I’ve never read a book by this author but this book and story was interesting enough that I will be reading more from this author. There is another book by Kresley Cole that is  VF read for this month as well, it’s actually the main pick and this one is the alternate pick. I will be reading that one shortly once I am done with the book I have scheduled to read after this one!  I find it hard to classify this book in one genre since there are quite a few elements in it which is great. I dub it somewhere between YA Paranormal Post Apocalyptic Romance lol

All in all I did like this book and I do think that fans of YA paranormal may enjoy it since it is really different and kinda cool! Plus if you like books that are in series this is the first of the Arcana Chronicles series so if you like it that is good news! I will be following the series since I love books in series and I’m curious about where this story is going and want some resolution to my questions and to the romance in this one!

Happy Reading y’all!

6 thoughts on “Poison Princess (The Arcana Chronicles #1) by Kresley Cole

  1. Love the fact that we have almost the same taste in books. I love your blog and the fact that I can get a great opinion about some of the book that I want to read too. Keep up the great work!!

    • Thanks!!! I appreciate the compliment, thank you for stopping by! Yeah, I liked it…I’m waiting for book 2, any recommendations on which Kresley Cole books to read I’d like to continue reading her stuff!

      • I own almost every single book of the Immortals After Dark series (I think there are currently 13), but “A Hunger Like No Other” and “Lothaire” are definitely my faves. Just a head’s up, they’re super steamy and explicit (:

  2. I’m a die-hard Kresley Cole fan, but I couldn’t get into her YA series. It has a lot of things going for it – like the interesting premise with the Arcana cards and seemingly interesting characters. But the whole “first-person” thing really threw me off because I couldn’t sympathize with Evie so it was hard for me to really get into the story.

    I’m with the previous commenter, “Lothaire” is definitely among my favourite KC novels – the heroine is funny, smart and spunky, which makes her easy to sympathize with.

    • I am definitely going to be reading more Kresley Cole from what I’m hearing from you and a few other readers her stuff is really good! Thanks for letting me know, I can’t wait to pick up more. If I liked Poison Princess I’m sure I’ll LOVE her other stuff. Can’t wait :)) I’ll look into picking up Lothaire!

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