Book Review: Ghost Planet by Sharon Lynn Fisher

Title: Ghost Planet written by Sharon Lynn Fisher
Genre: Science Fiction Romance
Published by Tom Doherty Associates LLC (Tor Science Fiction)
Page count: 257
Format: Ebook (read on Barnes and Nobles Nook HD+)
Rating: 4/5
Goodreads 2013 Reading Challenge #23

Needing an escape, Elizabeth has accepted a new position on the planet, Ardagh 1. Ardagh 1, whose atmosphere models itself after Earth is inhabited by the colonists and their “ghosts”. The colonists are human immigrants from Earth that are trying to populate Ardagh 1 and the ghosts are the alien natives of the planet whom have attached to humans which has in turn weakened them so that they are dependent on us. Much research is being put into the relationship between the humans and the ghosts but research that is mostly in favor of humans taking over the planet and ridding themselves of the ghosts. Under the “Ghost Protocol” which was pioneered by Elizabeth’s new boss, Murphy, the colonists are forbidden to interact with the Ghosts that basically shadow them throughout their daily lives. The ghosts cannot travel past a certain distance of their host without experiencing some pretty painful repercussions.

At Elizabeth’s first meeting with her new boss she is immediately drawn to him and his intriguing blue eyes…a sense of familiarity overwhelming her. As they become acquainted and shamelessly flirt each other up, Elizabeth and Murphy discover something about her that changes their work and personal relationship, as well as ultimately culminating in their efforts to amend the rift between humans and the ghosts.

This was an interesting book!

I actually read this book because it was the April pick for the Vaginal Fantasy Book Club (which I have discovered fairly recently!) This is a book club ran by Felicia Day, Bonnie Burton, Kiala Kazabee, and Veronica Belmont who are all just super awesome. Needless to say I am super addicted to all things Vaginal Fantasy Book Club related at the moment and the next hang out is on April 30th (I believe!) so I wanted to read the book they were reading and be prepared. The books being read in this book club are romance books but romance books that have strong stories to them as well which I really really like…so far I’ve seen them read Historical Romances, Paranormal Romances, Erotica, etc. Anyway check it out! Sorry about that sidebar!

I have to say that I really like the cover to this book. I love that it’s this very ethereal color green which seems sort of like an alien like color and it also fits in nicely with the story and the plants in the story (I will say no more on that!) I really like how it shows Murphy on the top of the cover and then Elizabeth on the lower part of the cover in what looks like a reflection of him…except its her. I think this fits so perfectly to the whole colonist/ghost relationship we have going on in this book.

I really liked the world the author has built for us in this book. I think the story itself is really interesting and creative. I love the sci-fi feel of this book. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. In the past I haven’t read a lot of romance books but I am really trying to fit some into my reading list this year. What I really liked about this book is that it certainly does have its pretty strong romantic element to it but it has this really strong sci-fi story that is really just a treat to read, it really is. I loved the romantic story of this book too. They are like the two most unlikely people to fall for each other and when things are just stacking up against them I just found myself just wanting them to be together. It was frustrating for Elizabeth and also frustrating for me lol. There is quite a bit of storybuilding in this book so if you’re looking for a romance, it takes a bit for the romance to actually build up. I felt a personal connection with the character and I think this may be from the way the story was written or just because I really liked Elizabeth’s character. As I was reading it I was thinking that the story was paced pretty slow but looking back and putting the book and the story back into perspective I really like the way the story  unfolded.

I definitely could not put this book down…my poor husband would try to talk to me sometimes and I was just too engrossed in this book to listen most of the time lol but he understood, when my nose is in a book there’s pretty much no getting it out until I’ve at least finished the chapter I’m reading. I loved this book and I really wanted to give it five stars but the only reason I didn’t is because the book did leave me with questions that were unanswered, which would make sense to me if it was a series but I don’t believe it is going to be. I wish it were though because I would totally read the next one lol. I can’t wait to read more of the author’s books though. I cruised on over to her website and it looks like she is sticking to the sci-fi genre which is fine by me!

8 thoughts on “Book Review: Ghost Planet by Sharon Lynn Fisher

  1. Dear Ms. Nose, 🙂

    Thank you kindly for reading GHOST PLANET and for the review – so glad you enjoyed it! I do have a sequel in the planning stages, though my next one or two titles will be unrelated.

    Happy reading!

  2. Sharon, thank you so much for leaving a comment! I always wonder if the author’s ever come across blogger reviews, I’m happy that you do! I enjoyed Ghost Planet and I’m really excited to hear that Ghost Planet is getting a sequel! I was hoping! I went to your site after I read Ghost Planet specifically to see if there was one yet lol. I did read about your next book which sounds really interesting as well so I will be picking that up too. Once again, thanks for stopping by!!

    • I do try to keep up with them. I like hearing what readers have to say. 🙂

      Thank you again for your enthusiasm about the book. I hope you like the next ones as well!

      All best to you, Sharon

  3. Loved your review of the story and your thoughts on the cover. I totally agree with you — Ghost Planet’s cover is so refreshing and different than the norm that’s usually seen for Science Fiction Romance. Love how the cover captures the spirit and mood of this exceptional story.

    I haven’t stumbled across your blog before but now I’ve added it to my favorites.

    • Laurie, thanks so much for stopping by!! I’m always excited to talk to new people on here and hope I don’t bore anyone with my reviews lol! Can’t wait to read more from this author! If you have any books to recommend let me know!

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