Book Review: Crossed by Ally Condie


Title: Crossed (Matched #2) written byAlly Condie
Genre: YA Fiction – Dystopian Romance
Published by Penguin Group, USA
Page count: 409
Format: Ebook (read on Barnes and Nobles Nook HD+)
Rating: 4/5 – I really liked this book!
Goodreads 2013 Reading Challenge #16 (skipped 15 on purpose because it’s part of a blog tour and will be posted in a few days, AHHH)

After having lost the love of her life to the society, Cassia Reyes is back in the second installment of the Matched series, to find him. Not only does she go after Ky but she is also in search of something much bigger than the both of them: The Rising. Having experienced what she did in Oria and in the work camps, Cassia is more convinced than ever that she belongs in the Rising, a rebel group that has infiltrated the society and fights for a world free from society rule. After travelling through the Carving to find him, Ky and Cassia are reunited and Cassia finds herself pulled into the path of the unknown as she encounters more secrets, truth, hardship, loss, betrayal and immense love.

The Matched series is fast becoming one of my most favorite series ever. Although I didn’t love Crossed nearly as much as I fell head over heels in love with the first book Matched, I really really really liked this book. I think one of my favorite things about it are Ky’s parts of the story…the chapters where the story is delivered through Ky’s eyes whereas in Matched we get the story from Cassia’s perspective. I liked getting to see how Ky’s mind worked and the reasons behind his actions and getting to view Cassia and their situation through his unique lens.  There were some really great moments in this book that had my heart just about die in my chest. This series does that to me repeatedly which is definitely a good thing.

I really liked the cast of characters in this one although I was a little sad that we didn’t get to see much of Xander at all except having the rest of the characters talk about him. I’m glad we find out his secret too! Finding out about his secret was one of those moments where I almost died. I don’t want to give away any of the story but if you’ve read it…towards the end when she talks about going to meet “him”, who do you think she’s talking about? Who do you HOPE she’s talking about? I’m completely torn as to who I think is best for Cassia. I really like Ky and the way he see’s Cassia but maybe in the next book we’ll be in Xanders head!! There are alot of questions I still have like, how things are back in Oria are, how Cassia’s family is faring in their new home, how Cassia feels about her assignment from the Rising and whether Ky is the Pilot.

It honestly took me a little bit to get into the book but I think that had more to do with my crazy busy school schedule than anything else because the story was really very good. As always with this series, I loved the writing. One of the great things about the Matched series too are the poems Ally Condie chooses to incorporate into the story which is cool because one of the poem basically becomes Cassia’s fuel for finding the rising.

I highly recommend Crossed or if you haven’t read Matched read it! Then you can read this one! It will not disappoint! I am definitely looking forward to picking up the third one: Reached.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Crossed by Ally Condie

    • I agree! I thought Matched was amazing I could not say enough good things about it. I thought Crossed was good but definitely not nearly as awesome as Matched. We will see how Reached is…I will probably read that some time next month!

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