Book Review: Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

Title: Warm Bodies (Warm Bodies #1) written by Isaac Marion
Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Young Adult Romance, Young Adult Horror
Published by Atria Books
Page count: 256
Format: Ebook (read on Barnes and Noble’s Nook HD+)
Rating: 5/5 – Absolutely loved this book!
Goodreads 2013 Reading Challenge #10
2013 Movie to Book Challenge #1

I’ve read a few Zombie novels in my day and I am very happy to say that Isaac Marion has succeeded in creating a profoundly different Zombie novel than has previously existed (at least of the ones I’ve read so far.)

Warm Bodies is a unique story in that our narrative is not given from the usual survivor trying to adjust and survive in the world during/after the Zombie Apocalypse but our narrator is actually one of the living dead. This book actually make me feel pretty bad for the Zombies, especially for R who is our main character along with Julie who is his human – yes I said human! – love interest. The story begins with R and his daily life (i.e. his though processes and his daily actions) as a member of the community of Zombies inhabiting an airport in which a large group of Zombies have made a sort of home for themselves. On one of their intermittent forays into the city to hunt for prey, after killing her boyfriend and eating some of his brain, R stumbles upon Julie huddled in a corner of the room they have just attacked and he begins to look at her a bit differently than he has ever looked at a human before and ends up taking her back to the airport with him to as he points out several times, keep her safe. The big thing here is that when a Zombie eats a humans brain it sort of connects with the humans life force and relives moments of the humans life through their memories. For me this kind of humanized the R and the rest of the Zombie community which was really interesting. It just made me think that as humans we are always searching for some kind of connection with people and it is no different for the Zombies in this book, this is their way of seeking their connection but it’s only momentary which is one of the reasons they keep searching for the next brain. Exciting stuff! We always just think of them as monsters but R still has his thought processes and seems to gain more and more of his moral compass back every day. As R spends more time with Julie and starts getting random flashbacks from Perry’s life he starts to fall in love with Julie and this starts to change him on the inside as well as on the outside. His skin starts getting less gray, he is able to speak in sentences again, is able to read and able to feel things he couldn’t when he was err, more zombified, I guess.They begin to realize that they may have stumbled onto a cure and you’ll just have to go read this book for all the details!

Needless to say I found Warm Bodies to be fresh and fun. It was a really light read and really entertaining and interesting. It really had everything in it. It was comical at times and heartwarming at others. It was romantic comedy laced with the unmistakable horror genre element which made an utterly surprising treat! I loved getting a glimpse into the (possible) inner workings of a young Zombie boy!  I loved this book! ( Sidenote: I love the original book cover which is the first image above. I love the contrast of the blood red and the rest of the gray of the cover. I also included a movie poster. There were many to choose from but I particularly liked this one. I love that they use the color red as the main color of all the movie posters and I especially love that he is holding a daisy! Did you guys and gals who read the book catch this and love it just as much???)

I was happy that this was the first book I read for the 2013 Book to Movie challenge. I wanted the book to be fresh in my mind when I watched the movie so my husband and I went on a date to go see this movie tonight, the day after I finished reading the book!

Overall I think that the book translated pretty well onto the big screen. The humor was definitely captured but I do feel like there was a chunk of the story that lost its meaning and/or was left out or changed. Obviously this is going to happen, as it almost always does but I was really happy with the movie. I think Julie was just about what I imagined. I imagined R to be a little more decayed and I sort of pictured it a bit gorier when he takes the “sludge” from his wounds and wiped it onto her face to give her his scent. I loved the music they used for the movie even though it was different from what I imagined in the book. I don’t know why but I sort of pictured M as a meat head since he was supposed to be like a pretty muscular ladies’ man type guy, which is what I got from his character details but I may be wrong. I thought it was really cute. I think it’s a little more believable in the book especially when he begins to speak and then starts to talk more and more. I guess it’s more believable in the book because we get to see the evolution of it and the thoughts that occur behind the evolution rather than just seeing it happen. In the book he reflects upon the change which causes us to take notice and we have time to experience the changes occurring within R and the other Zombies. I did like the scene where Julie tells him that he is a good person and that he tries more than all the humans and also the scenes in the 747 where they get to do all sorts of fun activities together those were really funny. I did also like what they did with the Boneys, the thing with him bleeding towards the end and how they show the Zombies being assimilated back into normal life. It definitely gives us some closure as to what happens next. I definitely recommend reading the book AND seeing the movie. They both will not disappoint, although the book was obviously the better format in this instance. There’s really only one movie I thought was better than the book but that’s a conversation for another day. This is definitely worth it and the movie definitely had its fair share of laughs and awwwws.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

  1. I’m currently reading Warm Bodies and am loving it! 🙂 I really loved the movie when I watched it a couple of weeks ago. Got so many good laughs. 🙂 I can see that the book is different in many ways (stuff left out, like you said), but that’s necessary for translation to the big screen. I imagine I’ll love the book more.

    Nice review!

    • Thanks! I’m still such a noob at blogging and at reviewing so I love when people let me know how I’m doing and I love exploring other peoples blogs as well! I am glad to hear that you are loving Warm Bodies, I loved it too! I love the movie and the book in different ways! Whenever someone mentions going to go see it or wanting to see it I recommend they read the book too just cause I think they are both really fun 🙂 I heard he released a novella in ebook form, I think it’s a prequel although I am not too sure. I’m hoping to read that soon!

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