My Crazy Life (an update)

I have decided to scale back on my 2013 Goodreads challenge. Originally I had planned to read 125 books this year but in light of recent events I have decided to scale back to 100 books for this year which still gives me room to meet my challenges. Why, you ask? Well, my first day of Grad school is tomorrow and I am SUPER excited about it. I actually received an email from a professor yesterday advising that one of my classes was opened on the D2L site. You better believe I booked my booty on over to that website and signed in. So excited! I’m (im)patiently awaiting my other three classes to be opened so I can take a look around at those as well. I’m not sure how much work Grad school is going to be and I have four classes so that definitely contributed to my scaling back to the 100 books. The second reason being that we got a new addition to our family yesterday! We already have one puppy, Vixxie, but she is a big girl now. She turns five in April and will be having a Princess birthday party! Planning is in progress!  Vixxie is a Basenji/Pit bull mix.  Hence, the change to 100 books. Starting tomorrow I will be knee deep in work, school, potty training, another book, World of Warcraft, cooking, wifedom, cleaning, and Call of Duty. I am going to just love every minute of it!

Anyway these goodies came in the mail this week…school books and Game of Thrones :)) I’m a happy girl!


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