Book Haul #1

I went to Book heaven today a.k.a Barnes and Nobles and walked away with book haul #1. I wanted another but I had an internal battle with myself on the fourth one and decided not to get the fourth. Had my husband not been waiting for me I probably would have gotten the fourth lol. He knew I was going in for two of them but I came out with three instead so the fourth one would have been stretching it a bit. These are the books I walked away with!
The product of my trip to book heaven today even though I wanted to walk away with the whole store!

I’m really excited about these! I am starting Matched by Ally Condy today which is the first book in a three part series that I’ve been wanting to read for awhile. A friend of mine is getting a book club together and this will be our first book so I thought I’d better start it. It’s dystopian so it fits into one of the challenges I’m taking place in as well as in the Young Adult novel challenge! I don’t know alot about Life as we knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer other than a friend of mine who is an avid reader as well recommended this. I totally trust her so I’m excited about reading this. I will probably read this after Matched. I don’t know alot about the Pledge by Kimberly Derting either but it sounds really promising as well. It is also a dystopian novel that sounds really interesting from the description. These are all YA novels.

While I was browsing I found tons of other selections and books I want to drop back in for. Not sure when I’ll get to visit book heaven again. I do alot of shopping on the B&N store straight from my Nook…the books are sometimes a few bucks cheaper on there as well. It feels good to read a physical book though so I try to stop in as often as I can. An e-book haul will probably follow in the next few days as I usually can’t keep myself away from book shopping for that long.

In other news my hubby is home from work this week after injuring himself at work. I’m going to be glad to spend time with him and just glad he’s going to get to rest. My back is also healing, feels a little better! Today’s my last day of rest but haven’t had much rest yet. Hope everyone has a happy Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Book Haul #1

  1. Can’t wait to hear what you thought of Matched. I did a couple blog posts about it. Everyone has mixed feelings it seems. I’m still not sure about the series it was kind of a difficult read for me but I will finish it (I’m weird like that). 😉

    • So far I can’t put it down! I’ve been reading it on my breaks and lunch today and I like it so far except I feel like not much has happened yet although I still have about 240 more pages to go so we’ll see!

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