A Semi Booktalk Post


Title: City of Ashes (Mortal Instruments #2) by Cassandra Clare
Genre: YA Supernatural
Published by Margaret K. McElderry Books, 2008.
Page Count: 453
Rating: 4/5, Loved it!

I finally finished City of Ashes (The Mortal Instruments #2) today. It took me longer than usual to read this one. Not because of content but because of the Christmas holiday and all that the holidays entail like shopping, hosting a party, and going to holiday parties. I was finally able to sit down and read because I injured my back (boo!) and my husband is babying me and won’t let me get out of bed so there’s nothing left to do but curl up with a good book. I can’t complain!
I must start by saying that I absolutely adore the book covers to this series. I know the popular saying is to not judge a book by its cover but it’s really hard not to be drawn the covers of these books. They are so gorgeous and vibrant. The amount of YA books with gorgeous book covers is astonishing and every cover from this series has left it’s impression on me. Nice marketing tool!
So this is book number two of The Mortal Instruments, a series I just barely discovered about a month ago (I know I am always so late in coming to the party). Even though I am only on Book 2, I really like this series. It is interesting, fun and keeps you on the edge of your seat.
There is a lot that goes on in this book which I think really tie up a lot of loose ends from the first book which is really fitting for the sequel. Of course, at the end of this book we are still left with a lot of ends that need tying up. We are left with a total cliffhanger at the end. It was pretty abrupt…maybe even surprisingly abrupt but I did find myself with my eyes wide open saying….what? Who was that?
I still sort of feel a little awkward about the Clary/Jace thing. It’s weird because I feel like I want her to be with him but then I remember that they’re siblings (even though I was hoping somewhere in this book we would get the bomb dropped on us that they actually aren’t) but that never happened. I felt that in this book we got to delve a little deeper into the “other” world of werewolves, warlocks, vamps, and Shadowhunters. We get introduced to a few other characters like Maia but I love that we also get to get a lot more personal with characters like Simon, Jace and Clary. I really like the chapters that are told from the perspective of each characters, it gives them a lot more meaning.
I love that both Clary and Jace sort of come into their own in this book. In this first book they both just seemed really lost which was definitely the contributing factor to them taking comfort in each other in the first book. They both realize that they have “special” powers due to their father, Valentine, running experiments on them. We’re not yet told the details of such experiments but we do get to see some of the awesome powers that Clary and Jace have taken away from said experiments like Jace being indestructible (to a degree) and Clary being able to create Runes for pretty much anything. She pretty much singlehandedly defeats…well almost defeats (more like puts a damper in) Valentine’s super evil agenda which involves murdering downworlder children and seemingly endless amounts of controlling fearsome demons.
Although I love Vampires in every other book I read, I was super sad to see Simon get turned into a Vampire although with Jaces super Shadowhunter blood it seems that he can withstand the sun which is good news for Clary. Although Valentine does give us some nice foreshadowing that I am kind of interested to see come to fruition in the later books. He pretty much yells at Jace when he realizes that Jace gave Simon his blood. I wonder if that makes Simon into some sort of Super Vampire…I guess we will see. All in all, I really liked the book. I still need to keep reading the series to decide whether I love it.
I’m also excited to see what Clare has in store for Luke and Clary’s mother in the later books seeing as how Luke has always been in love with her. There are so many stories here! I think that’s what I really like about the book and I also have always found myself drawn towards books about supernatural beings and fantasy books.
Even though I like the series so far, I think I’m going to take a break from it and read something not from the series. I’m not too sure what exactly but stay tuned!

Since I read the first and second books in this series I went ahead and looked up the trailer for the movie on YouTube. Definitely not the Clary I imagined while reading the book. The guy playing Jace is definitely not the Jace I had in mind BUT I do like that guy I think he’s a good actor. He played Arthur in Camelot which I really liked and he does have the bad boy thing down to a T. The trailer itself looks amazing and really action filled. I really love how the story has translated on film (or at least what we are able to see of it from the trailer). First impressions….can’t wait to see it and I couldn’t be more excited!

I know this was not much of a review but these are my thoughts!! 🙂 You can see the trailer here: 

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