I don’t know what your take on audiobooks is but, I can’t really seem to catch onto them. I have some friends that swear by audiobooks because they don’t have time to really sit down and read a book themselves and I have some that have just become so addicted to them. I thought I was approaching them wrong. I kept downloading audiobooks that I have already read like Stephenie Meyers’ Twilight or Orwell’s 1984. I figured there was no possible way that I could not like listening to these since I had loved reading them both so much. I was wrong. I hated it. So last night in an effort to give audiobooks another shot, I downloaded a few audio versions of books that I have yet to read but which I have been dying to read. The result was pretty much the same. I won’t say that I absolutely hate audiobooks but I don’t love them. I am not averse to trying a few more times to see if I can find something that suits me. I would definitely listen to them if my husband decides that he will listen to audiobooks. He is not a reader and I would like for him to read a few books that I think he would enjoy but since he’s not a reader I’ve been hard pressed to get him to read anything. The only thing I was able to get him to read was the first book in the Halo book series which was inspired by the video game. He loved it partially because we read it together and partially because it was about the video game. Since we were both reading it – one on an e-reader and the other in physical book format – I think he felt like it was sort of  a competition to see who read it faster. lol. But yeah…that’s almost  the only way I’ll listen to an audiobook again. Is that wrong of me?

When I listen to an audiobook I ache to hold something in my hands. Even while reading an e-book I am still holding an e-reader in my hands albeit, it is a totally different experience from actually turning the pages of a book (which is the most wonderful feeling ever!). I think a big part of my not liking audiobooks has to do with the actual narrator of the audiobook. Alot of the time I just can’t stand the person’s voice or the places they choose to inflect the sentences or just the way they are reading to me. I feel like reaching into whatever device I’m listening from, yanking the book out of their hands and saying, “No, you’re reading it entirely wrong!” This is probably, pretty wrong of me. I do enjoy being read to…I think it’s a specific tone of voice that I don’t mind being read to from or something. I’ve not yet had an audiobook experience that resonated with the experience of being read to by a childhood librarian or sixth grade English teacher. Maybe I’m being to hopeful or nostalgic. I’ll give it a few more tries.  Maybe I just haven’t come across the one that will do me in. Although I will say that if Morgan Freeman narrates it, I will most likely love it. I think Emily Blunt should narrate Pride and Prejudice too. Just saying.

I’m not trying to put audiobooks down or anything, this is just me figuring out that they are not for me. But just in case they are something that you enjoy, there are some really great places to find audiobooks (even free places). Yep I said it, free-ninety-nine. Below are some place you can find audiobooks, also note that you can find them on publisher websites or your local library as well!

Free — Open Culture, Project Gutenberg – Audiobooks , Books should be Free, Librivox

Paid/Subscription (where most newest audiobook titles are offered) – Audible and Audio Book Stand

Another really great site is the home site of APA, or Audio Publishers Association – APA

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